Take Your Wedding The ‘Oo Paji’ Style With Sikh Wedding Cards!

Sikhs, the natives of Punjab state of India, are a small community of people with a wonderful cultural language of their own. Sikhs are followers of Guru Nanak and have their own unique cultures, traditions and rituals.

When it comes to a Sikh wedding, it’s dazzling all over with a huge panache. A relished celebration, Punjabi weddings are most favoured weddings of India. With scrumptious sweets and delectable dishes, the wedding is celebrated amid a lot of joyous emotions!

It’s Not Just about the Turbans And Salwar Suits; It’s Also About Sikh Wedding Cards

The dastaar or the turban that a Sikh wears is a part of their dress codes. With some religious significant to it, it is mandatory that all men wear these dastaars and women cover their heads with duppata.

Just like this are the Sikh wedding cards. Exactly different from all other types of wedding invitation cards, they are unique and stylish portraying their rich Punjabi culture. An ideal Sikh wedding card has a lot to say about their religion. With some phrases from the Guru Granth Sahib, the cards are used to send the message of union.

Punjabi wedding happen with a lot of grandeur, fun and frolic. And these wedding cards are an embodiment of the same vivacity. From those traditional styled cards to the modern ones, one can get anything from the online market today.

The high quality materials used in the card with an ultimate workmanship make it look elegant and glitter with panache. Rich textures, exquisite designs and an emotional touch on the wedding card are sure to invite complements from the guests.

Let a grand wedding invitation knock the door of family and friends all over the world, reminding them of the occasion happening around. A journey that starts from the wedding cards culminates during the ‘Bidaai’ of the ‘nayi naveli Dulhan’ who departs from her paternal home to join her new family at the groom’s place. And a lot happens between these two occasions.

While the Sangeet, a music fest for the near and dear, is all about dance and drama for all ages in the family, the Mehendi is for the girls. Mehendi involves only the female gender who comes together for some girlish fun. While everyone sings and dances around, an artist is called to decorate the hands and legs of the going to be wedded bride with wonderful designs using henna. It’s a perfect happy environment all around.

And finally the bells of the wedding start ringing! Amid the chanting of hymns and mantras, where the environment is filled with positive energies, exchanging of garlands and seven rounds around the holy fire marks the wedding complete.

Every wedding is a beautiful part of one’s life and it should be celebrated with a lot of grandeur. And so happens in the Punjabi weddings too!

Author Bio: I, Priya Arora, am a journalist by profession. I take out time from my schedule everyday to write something about my experience from the day. And today it is the Sikh wedding cards!

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