Taking Over your Anger before it Takes Over your Mind

We all know what anger is, but what we don’t know is how to control it. Every individual has a different intensity level when it comes to anger. Anger can be a result of various external and internal factors affecting our behavior. Sometimes, we get irritated by the behavior of a particular person living or working with us or some situation that gets on our nerves such as delayed work or traffic jam. And then there are internal factors that every individual deal with. These are our personal problems that enrage the feeling of anger in us and consequently, we express it by lashing out at others.

However, expressing anger is not all bad. According to experts in the same field, if someone attacks us in the street then anger is the emotion that helps us defend ourselves. But if we are holding people responsible for our anger outbursts and lashing out every time then we really need to do some introspection. Seeking help from some professional could be one good option or getting nlp training from experts is another.

Why do you get easily angry than others?

It is very common that you get furious easily and might be wondering later on “what is wrong with me”, “why do I behave like this” or “how do I fix this”. This is not completely your fault that you have anger problems and are not able to put a hold on it. Anger issues sometimes travel through genes and can be seen in the early childhood stage. On the other hand, it is the sociocultural behavior that makes the person inherit anger gradually and it gets to its peak in adulthood.

There are two types of angry people, one who expresses their rage by some destructive behavior and the others who sink all in and get mentally or physically ill. People with high anxiety and depression somewhere have a background of anger problems where either they got infuriated easily or were unable to express it.

At Personal Mastery, the professionals will get to the roots of the problem and then start dealing with it in a way that you are comfortable with. We do not rush things and force you for any practice to suppress your emotions but we empathize with you and let you take the proper healing time.

Strategies to manage anger levels

Practice relaxation

Relax your mind and body and let go of the thoughts that are holding you back. You need to think about the things that calm your mind and then start practicing them. Even if it is a happy memory that cheers you up, sit for a while and think about it.

Deep breathing is another relaxing technique that will surely help you lower down your anger level. Breathe from your gut and feel the air coming in and going out.

Don’t repeat to yourself that you have anger issues. Half of the issues we create in our mind and if you repeatedly tell your being, “I get angry easily”, then you will get angry even when it is not valid or required. So, say words like “calm down”, “relax”, and “take it easy” to yourself time and again.

Work on your language

While angry we often say negative words that always make the situation worst. For instance, “I knew my car would break down”, “it will never work”, “I am losing my mind, and it’s all your fault”. Instead, try replacing the words with “let me think of a solution”, “I will try it another way” or “yes I am getting angry but give me some time to relax”.

You will notice the whole world is changing around you and people who irritated you since the beginning will seem nicer and you will start getting along with them. The world would be a much better place for you and the people you are closely related with.

Try solving the issue

Anger is not always a result of overthinking or overreaction, sometimes it is valid as some situations really got you in bad mood. But the expression of anger could go very wrong it is not controlled properly. So, shift your focus from displaying anger to resolving the problem and ending the root cause. Try solving the problem by looking at alternative solutions. It will help you control your emotions and would also fix the situation.

Change the surroundings

Sometimes anger becomes a part of our routine due to the same situations occurring on a daily basis or the same surroundings we are living in. Try to identify if this is the case with you and then work on your environment. For instance, if you are a homemaker and it is getting you frustrated, then try going out for some time, meeting new people, or changing your routine in such a way that it motivates you to wake up and look forward to the day with enthusiasm.

These were some of the things that might help you take control of your anger at some level. If it does not work, then we are always available to help you and give you a better life. At personal mastery, we have nlp master practitioner, whom you can rely upon and open up about your issues.

Remember, that you cannot eradicate any emotion completely but you can learn to control it. The same goes with anger, do not force yourself to not feel the rage at all or suppress it completely. But try holding it on and convince yourself that there is a better way to deal with it. It will save you from the regret that haunts you later on after your outbursts.

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