Taste Of Uttar Pradesh

HI! Friends welcome to the Infocaptain post, In this post, we are going to have detailed knowledge about “Taste of Uttar Pradesh” as its name suggests, the cuisine of UP, Whenever you come to UP it will be helpful to us. So let’s start the topic….


The taste of Uttar Pradesh is from the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) which is located in Northern India. Uttar Pradesh cuisine is as diverse as its geography. Everyone wants to eat good and tasty food. Here more than one delicious dish is found in every corner. Their taste is also such that the mouth gets water as soon as its name is taken. It will be called the heritage of the culture of catering here that the tourists of the country and abroad go to any part of UP, and enjoy the famous cuisine there. Many of the famous are greatly Influenced by Mughals. The magazine Uttar Pradesh is going to tell you about the delicious food of UP, Let’s see in details.


Famous food of Uttar Pradesh


  • Mutton Kofta


         You have eaten a lot of mutton and koftas till today, everyone’s taste is different, as well as the methods of making all are completely different and new, but mutton koftas made from Uttar Pradesh are famous because of their taste. All the ingredients present in mutton koftas are very nutritious, hence they are also beneficial for health. If you eat mutton kofta once, then you too will know its taste and remember its name.



  • Kakori Kebab


Famous kakori kebab gets its name from the city kakori on the outskirts of Lucknow. Kakori kebab is another delicious Mughal recipe that is prepared with mutton, onions and a lot of spices. It is made with the finest meat of the lamb and few spices.



  • Bhindi ka Salan


Bhindi ka Salan is another native to Mughal cuisine. This recipe is changed in the original recipe of Mirch ka Salan, using ladyfinger instead. Crispy fried Indian cloves mixed with spicy curd sauce.



  • Bharwan Chicken Pasanda


A real blue royal delicacy – hearty and wholesome. misshapenness full of an affluent khoya-cheese combination and drizzled with a delicious coconut-cashew sauce. Its richness lies withinside the sort of substances and spices comprehensive of cinnamon, ginger and cardamoms.



  • Arhar Ki Dal


Nothing spells comfort more than steamed arhar dal. This can be an easy daily recipe. Each household of UP is sure to have its version of arhar dal that is extremely beneficial for our health.



  • Bedmi


An Indian flatbread poses to possess originated among the state Uttar Pradesh. Which is paired with potato curry or chana (chole) its makers for a happy combination. It’s tender and fluffy, the puris are made with whole wheat flour and urad dal.



  • Baingan ki Lonje


This famous one comes from the city Varanasi of Uttar Pradesh. Brinjals stuffed mixed with onion and spice and shallow fried. This stuffing is kind of spicy and tasty. It’s conjointly served at wedding parties. 



  • Keema Dum


Keema Dum is also known as Keema Biryani, which is non-vegetarian food. It is generally slow-cooked food. Rustic, char-grilled flavours dominate the recipe. Minced chicken combined with the fragrant rice is all you wish for an amazing weekend dinner alongside your friends and family.



  • Petha


It is a famous delicacy of the city Agra. It is made up of pumpkin. It is made by – firstly the white pumpkin is boiled into the water after removing the sleeve and left into it for two-three days and then cooked in flavoured sugar syrup. A wide range of flavours is also available for this delicacy.



  • Malpua


  This food comes from the sweet dessert of Uttar Pradesh. It is made up of deep-fried maida puri, soaked in cardamom flavoured sugar syrup. It is         

            decorated with chandi vark and dry fruits.


Famous Dish of Uttar Pradesh


Let’s see Some illustrious Dishes of Uttar Pradesh



  • Bedhai


It is a generally famous dish in the city of Agra, Firozabad and Mathura. This dish comes with crispy, deep-fried wheat chapati (puri), with spicy curry based potato sabzi. It seems to be a favourite lip-smacking breakfast choice for many people living in the towns. Your trip to Agra can’t be complete without watching TajMahal and having bedhai.



  • Basket Chaat


 Chaat lover has the option here, Which is Lucknowi Basket Chaat is a crispy and flavoured dish packed with spices, curd, chutney and many savoury ingredients.



  • Lucknowi Biryani


Briyani is among one of the most loved foods of Lucknow that’s why it gets the name Lucknowi Biryani. The main ingredients of Biryani are meat, rice and different spices that make it spicy and tasty.



  • Gujiya


Gujiya also comes from the sweet dessert of Uttar Pradesh especially consumed during the time of the Holi festival. Gujiya is made up of maida filled with mawa and dry fruits mixture then deep-fried and dipped into the sugar syrup.



  • Baati Chokha


Baati Chokha also known as Litti chokha, is one of the famous dishes of eastern Uttar Pradesh. Baati is made up of wheat dough and baked into a mud oven, and chokha consists of tomatoes, potatoes and brinjal. It is served with green chutney, chaat masala and desi ghee.


        Traditional Food of Uttar Pradesh

Now let’s see some traditional food of Uttar Pradesh



  • Imarti


Imarti is also known as Amriti another comes from the sweet dessert of Uttar Pradesh. It is made from lentil dough. Its main ingredients are Ghee, Saffron, Urad dal and sugar.


  • Staple Meal


Staple meal from Uttar Pradesh consists of Sabji, roti and dal along with mango pickle. Kachori and sabzi is a popular breakfast. Which is served in every house of Uttar Pradesh.



  • Pedas


Peda comes from the sweet dessert of Uttar Pradesh. Pedas of Mathura Vrindavan is world-famous for its taste. Which main ingredients are khoa and Sugar along with cardamom seeds? Which is very soft.



  • Kaju Katli


Kaju Katli is also known as Kaju barfi comes from the desert of Uttar Pradesh, which is very similar to that of barfi.  Kaju Katli is made from as its name suggests Kaju – cashew, and Barfi is often, but not always and its varieties are Kesar Kaju katli. Its main ingredients are Ghee, Cashew nuts and Sugar.

Conclusion: As we have seen diversity in the famous food of Uttar Pradesh as its geography, having varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes along with the sweet dessert. Many of its dishes have similarities to that of its native states. At last, I suggest you, whenever you come to Uttar Pradesh you must have it. Thanks.

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