Taurus G2C Laser

There is no questioning the appeal of the portable Taurus G2C Laser for those that prefer 9mm carry pistols. Because its intro (first as the Millennium G2 and after that the G2c), this little polymer giant has actually received plenty of praise for its reliability, ergonomics, total efficiency as well as, nearly as important, it’s incredibly small cost factor.


Taurus G2C Laser


Not every person, though, has been pleased– at least not in the way you may assume.


The Taurus G2 collection guns showed it possible to create a high-grade, reliable-performing protective gun not only in a compact plan but additionally at a rate almost fifty percent that of other pistols in its class. Followers of the full-size 9mm pistols pertained to appreciate the style and also design behind the G2, yet naturally stated.


Well, Taurus Lasers has answered that inquiry with the release of the brand-new G3 9mm– the next-generation in the G-series line.


We got our hands on among the very first production version G3s and also have had a pair weeks to learn more about it before the main launch day. Considering that we have actually been firing a G2c for the last four years, we were fairly thrilled to see how this new full-size model would compare to its small predecessor.


Frame Realities

At first blush, the G3 looks simply like a larger variation of the G2c. The polymer framework, although bigger, adheres to the very same basic profile. The grasp is one of the frame’s essential attributes, in our opinion. It has a modest hand swell along the backstrap that positions your strong hand high and limited forever wrist placement. Helping in muzzle control and tool retention are generous and also sticky stippling spots around the grasp. It feels like the very same texture as that of the Taurus G2C Laser, only there is more of it. No matter how you like to hold the gun, your hand is going to embed area.


The Topside

The slide presented Taurus designers with some design adaptability, although the general account exhibits noticeable G2c DNA. The G3 now includes front serrations (in addition to the back serrations), which required removing the familiar slide scoops in between completion of the slide and also the ejection port. The trapezoidal shape of the slide proceeds, in addition to charitable front and also back beveling to promote convenience of holstering and to decrease apparel snags when carrying hidden.


On the Range

Hand gun fit is rather individual, as most severe shooters will confirm, and gun manufacturers work hard to develop guns that are functionally ergonomic for that widest variety of shooters. As a shooter with medium-size hands, I can quite well adjust to the majority of platforms. The G3 is among those full-size weapons that needs little adjusting on the part of the shooter.


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