TAURUS: Love, Career, Traits, Finance, Family & Everything!

Amigos, if you are a one with Taurus Zodiac Sign, then scroll out this cheatsheet info about your love, life, relationship, finance and a lot of information. Also don’t miss out on the various signs that will lead your life towards betterment. As it will help you in resolving the complications in life, finding better partner, better opportunity for income. Astrology Zodiac Signs

TAURUS: Star Sign

If you are a Taurus your perspective towards life is quite practical. You own a better sense of touch and taste. You tend to stick to your choice till you attain personal satisfaction.

TAURUS: These are an Aid to your Sign

These dates serve you better – 20th of April to 20th of May.

Your day – Friday, Monday.

Numbers in your favour – 2,6,9,12,24

Better colours for your life – Green,pink

These won’t bring a compatibility issue – Scorpio, cancer

The quality you possess – Fixed.

The rulers of your sign – Venus.

Your element – Earth.

TAURUS: Good Quality Traits

People can rely on you ,that’s one of the better traits you own.

Your patience in certain situations remains unmatched, it’s better than most people around.

You have a practical perspective towards life.

Whether it comes to being in a relationship with people or work, your devotion remains unmatched.

You own your responsibilities, this provides a sense of stability in your life.

These Things wil Path you to Happiness in your Life

Certain household tasks bring a smile upon your face whether it comes to cooking a delicious meal or taking care of your backyard garden.

Good music brings around joy for you but it should be the one that goes along with your taste.

Clothes, particularly the one with brand labels which accompany good quality, brings you joy.

You love to get your hands involved in performing tasks.

TAURUS: Unlucky Traits

Well on one hand it can be considered good that you are devoted to a particular task but at times you become stubborn which isn’t a good behaviour to own.

You are quite possessive as you don’t like changes around you which sometimes bother the people around you.

You don’t want to compromise whether it’s your chance to give or to take so people face problems in matching up to your expectations.

Things that can Make You Upset

You are the one who likes stability in life so whether it comes to people or things sudden changes don’t go well with your vibe.

Complications either in relationship or in work makes you quite sad.

TAURUS: Different Aspects of Life

Love –  Having a practical approach towards life sometimes bothers the relationship you are involved in. But undoubtedly you make a good lover whether emotionally or physically you always care about your partner’s emotions. And if you tend to plan for a long term relationship you need to go with the one having a similar surrounding as yours. As changes affect you and you love to go with stability.

Friendship – Undoubtedly you make a good friend. But before establishing a good friendship you tend to spend some time with people. In order to build a trust upon them, most of the childhood friends that you have made tend to go along with you for your life forever. Tarot Cards Online

Family – Well one of the most important things in your life is you bond with the family. So spending time with your family is quite a peaceful time for you. And you tend to be involved in most of the family functions so that they can get more time around the people they love.

Finance – You are never backing down from working hard so making money isn’t much of a bother for you. The occupations that go better with your stars are related to banking, art or things involving culinary skills.

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