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Chill Out Tisane is a delicious, fragrant, earthy, relaxing, caffeine-free blend of premium, organic herbs and spices. Tea licorice

Sweet, warming and earthy flavour of licorice, fennel and cinnamon are complemented by slightly bitter-sweet, fruity and spicy aroma of chamomile and ginger. Anyone who likes licorice cannot walk past this tea.

Spice Zen’s Chill Out tisane is an aromatic and soothing blend with a deep gold colour, naturally sweet, smooth, warm, earthy, spicy and zesty flavour. This tisane is great at any time of the day. It is ideal when you have a sweet craving but don’t want added sugar or if you just want to relax before your next adventure. It is also very popular as an evening or after-dinner tea. Tea Leaves Loose

Licorice root, chamomile, fennel and ginger are popular in traditional medicine for supporting the digestive system, respiratory system and for relieving inflammation, anxiety and stress.

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