Teach Your Dog How to Ride a Stroller

It really doesn’t matter what is the breed of your dog, if he is old, too small, and sick or if you simply want to spend some extra time with him, you should buy a stroller. Not to mention that when you have a stroller, you can protect your dog from the strays. So, now you know that a pet stroller is not a luxury but a necessity. Now, if you have a pet carrier but you haven’t taught your furry friend how to ride it, the carrier is of no use. But don’t worry because we have got your back. To make things easier for you, we have mentioned some of the tips that you can use to teach your dog. So, keep reading!

· Step 1: Keep the stroller somewhere safe and let your dog find it.

· Step 2: If your dog is in a good mood, give him tasty treats, and play with him near the stroller. But if he is nervous or angry, give him some time and make sure that you two are near the stroller.

· Step 3: If everything is fine, pick him up, put him in the stroller, give him treats, and play with him.

· Step 4: Start rolling as soon as you put your dog in the stroller. This is because dogs can get very irritated.

· Step 5: Roll with him and if he is comfortable, take him outside. But if your doggo seems nervous, play with him inside.

· Step 6: Time to hit the street! Take him to some silent street where he is comfortable and just in a few days, your dog will get used to the stroller.

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