Teaching Resources and Activities for Your Kindergarten – Year 6 Students

Resources for Teaching is the go-to website for teachers who are searching for downloadable materials to use with their class instantly. Their worksheets, posters, lessons, task cards and activities are enjoyable for primary school children of any year level and ability. They are all in digital form and can be accessed from any device at school or at home and printed out if needed. Useful educational resources for teachers and parents are crucial to help their students reach their highest potential and to instil a love of learning from the very beginning.

Disengagement is a common problem for children in learning environments. This is often the result of being confused or having gaps in their knowledge that doesn’t allow them to complete the task at hand. Engaged students are proven to stay in school longer, attend more classes and go onto achieve greater in an academic level. So, when lessons don’t meet student needs it can be detrimental to the learner and affect the other children in class who are usually engaged. For this reason, differentiation is key and the easiest and most effective way to incorporate this is using teaching materials for teachers that can be adaptable and meet the needs of all learners.

If you’re searching for the best educational websites for teachers, be sure to visit the Resources for Teaching online store. They have a wonderful collection of worksheets, lesson plans, posters, booklets, task cards and more that are versatile and require low to no preparation time. Their resources cover a wide variety of Key Learning Areas (KLAs) including English, Maths, Geography, History, Science, Technology, Arts and Sports and cover important calendar events such as Back to School, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and so much more. You can also filter by year level to find resources appropriate for a specific grade. Their materials have been used in classrooms throughout Australia and across the globe.

The author is a writer who often publishes articles on health and education for their readers online. She also manages a website that offers a range of teaching resources online. Visit https://resourcesforteaching.com.au/ for more information.

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