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A specification can be a document developed by an organization to prove the quality of its services. The document is produced on the basis of interstate and national standards, taking into account the outcomes of analysis on products, functions or services, production conditions and equipment used in the process. Suppliers need specifications for the following purposes: Get much more facts about технические условия

Determination from the main stages of the production process

Determination from the conformity of a product, work or service with established specifications

Ensuring consistency in the production process

When creating technical specifications, it is necessary to take into account the provisions of statutory standards.

Development of technical conditions
Technical specifications are usually not incorporated inside the list of mandatory documents of the organization. The development is initiated by the organization itself. Technical specifications is often created by:

Specialists from the organization for which the implementation of technical specifications is needed
Specialized investigation centers

Accredited certification bodies

In some cases, the organization can invest in the specifications and adapt them to their production processes.

The provisions of the technical conditions ought to not contradict the applicable standards. The technical specifications should be created in such a way as to provide comprehensive answers to all queries that the consumer may have in relation towards the purchased product or received service.

Coordination and registration of technical specifications

The next stage just after the development of technical conditions is their coordination with all the acceptance committee. Acceptance committee participants are offered copies of technical specifications. The conditions are going to be agreed upon when the members of the acceptance committee sign an act of acceptance of the product sample, for which technical conditions are drawn up.

The subsequent step is registration of technical specifications, which can be carried out on a voluntary basis. Technical specifications are registered by accredited organizations with the entry of information into the basic register of documents.

General and particular specifications
You’ll find two types of technical conditions – basic and unique.

General specifications are created to get a group of products. Products have similarities in design, used material for their production.

Unique technical conditions are intended for a specific form of product, material, work or service. Unique technical specifications contain provisions justifying the need for their implementation.

Specifications for the content and design of technical specifications

When establishing technical specifications, it is actually imperative to include within the structure things related to:

Spheres of application of technical conditions

Safety assessments of products or services provided

Technological requirements of production

Control measures and test methods, acceptance process

Quality and safety guarantees

Operating documents, including explanations for installation and assembly, packaging guidelines, period and spot of storage of products

Marking and transportation of goods

Environmental safety

When drawing up technical specifications, they’re assigned a certain number. The structure from the room contains:

The initial four digits designating the OKPD code to which the product belongs.

Serial number, established by the internal document flow from the organization.

Organization code in accordance with OKPO .

Date of creation and introduction of technical conditions.

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