Techniques That help in Efficient Working of Flow Switch

A flow switch is a device that controls the flow of fluids. It works by ferrying a trip motion to other machines in the system. To switch on or off the pump, there must be a trip signal indication. A liquid flow switch is used in liquid transfer systems and air conditioning. Here, we will have a look at some techniques used to ensure a flow switch works efficiently.

The size and voltage of the Flow Switch

The size and voltage of a liquid flow switch matter a lot. Ensure you choose the right size and voltage as you select the correct flow switch. You can make that easier by searching online for you to acquire the device you desire. There are several sizes of switches available in the market. For instance, there is a 2-inch diameter for all 2-inch flow switches. 24-volt flow switches come in various sizes as well as designs.

Types of Flow Switch

There is no doubt that flow switches have numerous designs or styles. The efficiency of a liquid flow switch varies from one version to another. Do a thorough search about the flow switch type you wish to have. That is because the design has a unique approach and use. Some of the flow switch types are;

  • Industrial Flow Switches
  • Mechanical Flow Switches
  • Oil Flow Switches
  • Thermal dispersion Flow Switches
  • Paddle type Flow Switches
  • Pneumatic Flow Switches
  • Adjustable Flow Switches
  • Inline water Flow Switches.
  • Flow Switches for water pumps
  • Air Flow Switches for boilers
  • Rotary Flow Switches

Functions of Flow Switches

Just like knowing the types and sizes, the function of a flow meter is vital. Do you wish to see how a flow switch works? Then start by learning the specific intended task of the switch. By doing that, you will be able to know when the switch is damaged or not functioning. We are going to look at how different types of switches functions. Let’s get started.

Flow switches for pump 

The main objective of these switches is to prevent the pump from drying. That may happen when there is a lack of water supply in the pump.

Chiller flow switch

The chiller switches protect against low flow switch cases that can damage the freeze. Most of the time, this type of switch is used in medical imaging units.

Flow switches on boilers

The flow switches on boilers are used in gas or water channels. The gas boiler flow is installed to prevent the boiler from firing. Yet, the water flow protects the boiler from working in a low flow switch.


Always ensure that you check the flow rates. Those flow rates should not be too low or too high. Ensure you note the difference between a real switch and a flow meter. Are how to differentiate between the two devices? Well, worry no more. A device that registers and displays data is referred to as a meter. In contrast, a tool that can change action or ferry other components to other places in the system is known as a true flow switch.

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