Technologies for heating pool heater

The water in the heated pools needs an external supply of energy to maintain thermal comfort since the natural tendency of the water will be to match the temperature of its surroundings. And for this Pentair master temp heater helps you.

If the temperature of your environment is lower, the water temperature will decrease depending on the environmental conditions such as air temperature, the walls, and floor of the pool, etc.

This natural tendency of water to match its temperature with the surrounding environment is heat loss which according to their nature can be of the type: radiation, conduction and convection.

Types of heat loss in the pool:


It is the energy that is lost because the water in the pool glass goes from a liquid state to a gaseous state. The water flow that evaporates is determined by the temperature of the water, the thermo-hygrometric conditions of the ambient air and the partial saturation pressure of the water in an indoor pool. For an outdoor pool, wind speed should be added.

Evaporation is the phenomenon by which there is the greatest amount of heat loss.


Convection contributes to heat losses due to the movement of air above the water sheet. Being in constant motion, currents are created that increase heat transfer with movement. This contributes to the difference in temperatures between the sheet of water and the air and wind speed in outdoor pools.


This loss of energy is what takes place between the water in the glass and the solids that surround it, that is, walls and bottom. This increases when the temperature difference between the water and the walls is high.


It is due to the energy that is lost through the radiation waves emitted by all bodies due to their temperature. During the day, the sun will bring radiation to the pool, which will make the pool’s water gain energy and at night, it will be the pool that radiates energy and therefore loses it.

Technologies for heating pool heater:

Through a heat exchanger, a Pentair pool heater will provide us with the appropriate thermal jump to be able to raise and maintain the temperature of the pool. There are several types of boilers depending on the fuel they use:

Gas boiler: powered by distribution network or with tanks.
Diesel boiler: with deposit.
Biomass boiler: manual or hopper loading or storage.

Pentair saltwater pool heater uses electricity as the exclusive source of energy. Buy propane pool heater and enjoy your pool in any season!

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