Teeth Whitening Geelong


We like the fresh smile that our whitening system produces because it does not damage teeth unlike other treatment alternatives. We offer both the Phillips Zoom Whitespeed in chair whitening or a take home whitening system. Talk to us at Aviva Dental to discuss which treatment suits you best. Teeth Whitening Geelong

Children’s dentistry

We think good dental habits start at a young age. It is important that dental visits are started early with a focus on prevention and if things do go off the rails, we feel it should be managed early and comfortably. This produces confident and happy young patients with great smiles. “Happy gas” is a useful facility also available for our young patients.

Root Fillings

In some cases, the damage to a tooth from extensive decay, previous nerve damage or a knock may cause the tooth to abscess. Root fillings are a method to preserve the tooth and it is simpler and healthier to do this where possible rather than replacing a tooth. New Town Dentist

At Aviva Dental, this is a routine treatment for which we use the latest rotary instruments, apex locaters and digital low dose x-rays.

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