Telemetry Frsky receiver

This is the most complete list of forsky receivers. In recent years, many new types of small, light, integrated and advanced receivers have come out one after another. We’ll try to check them all.

Telemetry frsky receiver

Irangex rx803 super micro receiver compatible with frsky D8 x9d + SBUs output

The smallest and lightest (and cheapest) frsky receiver with full telemetry support so far! This receiver is based on (or replicates) the fishpepper design. It has full analog and hub telemetry support and digital SBUs output and runs it running open source firmware.


Brand name: irangex

Project No.: rx803

Voltage: 3.3 V

Output: in cloth

Weight: 0.4 g

Size: 11 * 9 mm

Compatibility: compatible with frsky d8x9d plus

OpenSky 8CH SBUs Mini compatible receiver frsky x9d plus

This is an updated version of rx803, which is a copy of fishpepper’s utsky receiver designed with OpenSky firmware. The redesigned version adds a 3.3V voltage regulator, so it can now accept voltages from 3.3V to 5V. The binding button is also added to facilitate the binding process. Support SBUs output fault safety.

Note: This machine has no wires and needs to be welded by itself.


Product Name: 8CH SBUs Mini compatible receiver

Size: 10 x12mm

Weight: 0.45g

Working voltage range: 3.3-5v

Working current: 20mA (5V)

Scope: 200m

Firmware: 0.2.1 OpenSky

Number of channels: from SBUs to 8CH

Micro frsky D8 RSSI bidirectional data return compatible receiver ppm SBUs output 8CH


Product Name: 2.4G micro receiver

Channel: 8 Ch

Weight: 1 g

Ppm output: Yes, short circuit the PPM connector and select ppm output pad

SBUs output: Yes, short circuit the SBUs connector and select the SBUs output pad

Working voltage: 5 V

Antenna length: 30mm

Size: 12.4 * 20 mm

Control range: 400m

Data return port: A1, A2 (analog A / D acquisition port), maximum connection 12.6v/3s lipo

Compatibility: compatible with frsky x9d (D8 mode) transmitter, xjt (D8 mode), DJT, DFT, DHT modules.


Upgraded version, more stable signal reception

Output with SBUs and ppm, and bidirectional data return with RSSI.

Have fail safe function, but only support CH3, please keep your throttle channel in CH3.

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