Tempered Glass Display Shelving: Durable with Huge Scope of Customization

Tempered Glass Display Shelving

In a retail store, glass shelves are common to use for placing high-end products. These shelves enhance the view of placed items by providing a clear view, they are strong and durable also. The glass shelves have residential applications as well right from the bathroom to place toiletries items to kitchen for storing cutlery items. Annealed and tempered are the two kinds of glasses used for manufacturing shelving. Amongst them, Tempered glass display shelving is a better option. Let’s understand why.

Benefits with Tempered Glass

The tempered glass is more durable than regular annealed glass. The annealed glass break into small pieces when fall on the ground. On the other hand, tempered glass will not break into pieces but only gets a crack. These glasses have smooth and polished edges and are available in various widths and depth sizes with the thickness level is 3/16’’. Some of the common width sizes are 29’’, 34’’and 48’’, and the width sizes vary from 8’’, 10’’ to 12’’. It is a naturally transparent glass with a modern look, thus blends easily with any kind of retail environment. The tempered glass display shelving fixtures are common in departmental stores, boutiques, jewelry stores, gift shops, etc. One thing is common with these fixtures are they are used for highlighting the new-arrival or high-end products in a store. These fixtures enhance the beauty of a house and possible to use in innovative ways like for creating a partition in between kitchen and bar area, for keeping books in a glass shelves, for keeping home décor items, etc.

A Popular Alternative to Wood Shelving

Even wooden shelves look stunning and have functional value but glass shelves have one advantage over them. The glasses allow light to travel through it, hence any decorative lighting placed over glass fixtures increase the visual appeal of the placed content manifold. Other benefit is glass shelves are flexible to fit in any corner in any shape. Rectangular and triangular tempered glass display shelving are common in dining or living room in a house for placing decorative items. Kitchen, bedroom and bathroom of a house are other areas where they blend easily. Indeed, they impart a stylish look and add value to the overall look.

Place Order for Custom-made Tempered Glass Display Shelving

If you want to display your achievement in an office by placing a sports memorabilia or trophy and looking for a special place, you can place an order for customized tempered glass display shelving units. The customized units are durable, look stylish and are available in various depth, length and thickness. Customers have a choice to choose either flat or round edges or polish or grind surfaces. Even the surface finishing options vary from glossy to frosted matte finish.

So, the moot point is tempered glass is stronger than regular glass and looks beautiful place. You can use tempered glass display shelving in offices, retail stores and homes as per your preferences.

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