Ten Bakery Items You Must Try In Dubai

Bake hub bakery is a shop belonging to the Al Maya Group of Dubai. The bake hub bakery Dubai is a famous bakery outlet in the Middle East with its branches in many cities. You can get bakery and baked goods like bars, bread, cookies, desserts, etc. in there. The following are the products:

  • Bars, bagels, bread, buns, biscuits, rolls, and loaf bread
  • Cookies, cakes, desserts, pies and cheesecakes
  • Muffins, snack cakes, pizza, sweet goods
  • Doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, Danish sweet rolls and coffee cakes along with tortillasveorl

Over the years, bake hub bakery has made quite a name for itself. Bake hub bakery Dubai is a well-known outlet of Dubai for bakery and confectionery items. The organization has acquired some of the world-famous brands and their products to be sold at their outlets. The products are:

  • Kraft Heinz, Oronamin C, Cadbury Biscuits, Ice Cool and Pocari sweat
  • MTR Coka, Gowardhan, Society, Pillsbury, RRO, Aeroplane and Bikano
  • Horlicks, Sante, American Kitchen, UFC, Hydro coco, Acorsa, Refresh, Minara
  • Kawan, Renuka, Silver Swan, Vochelle, Hartbeat, Jungle Oats, Beautiful Denmark, Fulifl, Polenghi, and Skippy

Bake hub bakery is a modern, state-of-the-art bakery open 24/7. There is a central baking facility that specializes in the areas of French artesian, gourmet, viennoiseries, gourmet, European loaves, and French patisseries. It deals in some famous American range in the items like doughnuts and red-velvet muffins. Bake hub bakery Dubai supplies its products to UAE’s segment of Horeca. The clients of Bake Hub are spread wide and some of them are prestigious and famous. The bakery’s clients are in the aviation sector including some of the airlines. It supplies its products to the leaders in the Aviation industry. Its clients also include some of the famous hotel chains and bespoke cafes. Bake hub is Al Maya group’s core business. The business is of food retailing and delivery to various retail outlets of the UAE. The company has master bakers on its staff. The organization has mastered the art of baking and loafing business.

Breadbasket provides customers with fresh, home-baked bread, croissants and pastries where customers can find a wider range of home-baked products at their neighbourhood Al Maya supermarket store.

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