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The crow has been fully equipped on Saturdays and Sunday, and the defending end Capulon-Lewis-Moore is very unfortunately overclock. In addition, several players left the training, including crow, ASA Jackson, 49 people struggled Adam – Sned (49 people) Tin Taton (Quinton Patton) ). In view of this, the two teams have chosen a more relaxed training on Monday.

49 people and crows try no protective gear training

San Francisco 49 people and Baltimore Collus tried to train training without protective gear in Monday training. At present, the two teams are satisfied with the training status. After two consecutive days of high-intensity, 49 people and Crows have chosen to shorten the training time to two and a half hours, and the training rhythm is very fast, but no one is injured.

On Friday, Goodel made a response. “Just please note that there will be Browni today,” cheap nfl jerseys from China spokesperson wrote in the email of Anne’s husband Tim. “President pays attention to Annie’s disappointment of the lack of desserts in the election, he wants to make up this point.”

The first game, the wild horse took the lead in attack, but the patriot team left three gears, even more unfortunately, the wild horse’s abandonment kicked only 22 yards. The patriot will start from the horseman half of the first round of attack. A short pass of Tom Brady gave Rob Gronkowski, Rob Gronkowski, and Gronoski took the ball and turned off the first defensive player, then A major changed to another defender before, and then easily ran to Dali Zone. The patriot has achieved 7: 0 leaders in the first section.

At present, the two teams are training in Owings (Owings) near Baltimore. The two teams can train together, they must be attributed to the relationship between the two teams. In fact, the crow’s head coach John Hubv and 49 people were Jim Hubu, a brother. Fortunately, the two teams gadcase, the two coaches are also very satisfied with the current training status.

Hal Man famous for many years, its speed, the overall capacity of the early known to each team league. Despite the Vikings that experience aside, he has let the last Super Bowl Denver Broncos experienced their own powerful. But wound up recovering cheap nfl jerseys from china major injuries Hal Man, more particularly killer is not the role of conventional weapons debut in the Seahawks offensive group. And this opener, Hal Man assume that the task team attack propeller.

The fourth game, the first attack, Breddy found an external hand Branden, Brandon Bolden, Boden’s pursuit and collision of two wild horses, and rushed to the balance, running this 63 yards The ball is reaches. In the next round, the patriot did not pick up the wild horse, let the wild horse completed the 45 yards with an abandoned kick, then C.J.-Anderson ran 15 yards to get a reach. The difference is still 7 points. Although the wild horse also appeared in the case of abandoning the ball, the wild horse returned to the player did not let the ball back to the side of the patriot. However, since the wild horses have regretted the attacked round, the opportunity to equalize the score of the patriot is turned into a free kick, and the wild horses still need one to win the game. Patriot 21:17 Wild Horse. At 2 minutes left in the game, Gronoschi was seriously injured. In the last round of attack in the wild horses, Osville came out of the two wonderful long biography, and eventually passed the 4 yards of up to the Dalu, and the ball is Andrew Caldwell. The wild horses are more than 1 minute left in the game! However, the promotion of the patriots is really fast, Stephen Gostkowski’s shooting is as always stable. The last moment, the 47-yard shot in the snow, stable. The competition was dragged into the overtime game.

“They have prepared a great welcome ceremony for their families, but no matter who is prepared, the man forgets to join the dessert,” Anne-Epsold wrote in the story of her son’s participation in her “Sports Pictorial”. “This is what happened when the slim woman ruled the world: they forgot the chocolate. Obviously the alliance president owes a Browni.”

Today’s commentary I mentioned, common weakness is that the Seahawks and Packers offensive line’s pass protection. In contrast, long HY short of attack he has, Rogers pressure throughout the audience, while the punch is passed Packers lack of continuity. As a result, long-term pace of the game is to control the Seahawks, the many problems the Packers defense group broke even more thorough.

The 25-year-old Rack continued to perform a strong performance last season, thrown out of the 40-note ball to reach, continued to refresh your career record, and the pony team broke into the playoffs at 11 wins and 5. After extending the contract with Rac, the pony team also got a lot of time to consider and prepare things to renew contract contracts to Rac.

“I have recently said to myself, I have to retrieve the previous state.” Neil said, “My reading is more clear, you can better understand tactics. If you go to the next time, you can go to the position, everything is back. “

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