Ten Must-Have Features Of A Good Help Desk Ticketing System

The help desk ticketing system has evolved significantly in the past few years. Several new features have been added to this system to meet the technological requirements of the IT sector. Help Desk is now known as the backbone of IT operations.

While the help desk ticketing system was originally introduced to replace spreadsheets and assist the help desk agents in tackling the customer issue, the helpdesk system is now equipped to handle a large number of issues. Some of the best chatbot IT support systems can work alongside your support team to answer incoming customer questions in real-time. According to estimates, more than 67% of consumers worldwide used a chatbot for customer support in 2019. Helpdesks are embracing automation, chatbots, and virtual assistants to enhance the customer support facility, create more conversational relationships, and achieve faster growth.

While deploying the best HR ticketing system into your business, you need to look for certain factors that will help you to manage employees’ interactions, organize self-service and case-management. Additionally, it should also help you to manage employees, organize information in a systematic order and automate the manual tasks.

Here are ten must-have features that you should look for in a help desk ticketing system.

  • Ticket Automation

Ticket automation is important to all the help desk ticketing system, regardless of the nature of the services handled by the industry. Automation allows you to perform multiple tasks. It reminds the help desk agent to route a ticket response to a specific user. Ticket automation also helps to schedule routine tasks.


  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) Status Information

SLA is a commitment between a service provider and a client. When an employee looks at the ticket for the first time, they attempt to determine the importance of the ticket and categorize it in the appropriate priority level. The direct help desk SLA information integrated into the ticketing system helps the employee to rightly prioritize the tickets to avoid SLA violations.


  • Ticket Tags

Tags allow you to organize tickets around keywords. This helps in the easy organization of tickets. It makes it easier to find out the common issues.


  • Customizable Ticket Templates

The nature of the tickets differs, and designing a different template to categorize the tickets helps to reduce the response time. These templates can be loaded on command to make responding to tickets easier. Combining the templates can also help the agents to deal with the tickets.


  • Individual Ticket Queues

Individual queues help the employees to organize their tickets efficiently. They can also refer to the queues of their colleagues to check if they need any help.


  • Public And Private Actions On Tickets

Customers are not required to see the entire ticket conversations. You can keep the ticket conversations in the system under a private mode if you do not want to enable a public customer action.


  • Product And Inventory Association

Inventory management helps a company to deal with physical or virtual products. The helpdesk system can provide the facility to the customer to track the product information on their ticket page.


  • Personalized Ticket Pages By Custom

If an employee has substantial details about the customer’s interaction with the product or service, it becomes easier to resolve their issues. Customized ticket pages can show information regarding the satisfaction of the customer with the product, the number of tickets they have opened, and much more.


  • Related Tickets

The simple and repetitive requests can be aggregated. The help desk agent can reply to them all at once to save time.


  • Ticket Deflection

With built-in ticket deflection capabilities available on the ticket page, customers can quickly access the right link to quickly resolve the issue.

To Conclude:

The aforementioned must-have features are essential to a help desk ticketing system. It will help the company to save time and money and improve the scalability of your business by providing improved customer service.

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