Tenet: How Jennifer Lame Overcame the Challenges?

Jennifer Lame of “Hereditary” fame had to overcome her anxieties about editing a film like Tenet that had a story structure of unprecedented complexity.

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan who is renowned for being creative while editing his films told his editor Jennifer Lame that this would be the most challenging venture for any editor to get into.

Christopher Nolan had an exciting ensemble cast for his film “Tenet” that included Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame, John David Washington of Ballers, Elizabeth Debicki of Cloverfield Paradox, Aaron Taylor-Johnson of Avengers: Age of Ultron, and his old colleague from Dunkirk, Kenneth Branagh.

However, what was impressive was his decision to try new faces for backend work. Composer Ludwig Goransson (a recent Oscar winner for Black Panther) and Noah Baumbach’s favorite editor Jennifer Lame worked with Nolan for the first time.

The editor Lee Smith who had worked in every Nolan film since The Dark Knight (The Dark Knight, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar, Dunkirk), was not part of Tenet. Hans Zimmer, who also has worked with Nolan since Batman Begins, could not be part of Tenet because of his commitments to the film Dune about to be released this December.

Zimmer holds the pedigree of being a vital part of Nolan’s previous films. His soundtrack has accentuated the emotional tone, intensity and suspense of all Nolan films that he has worked in. However, Ludwig Goransson has a brilliant resume, and the trailers of Tenet have revealed that he has the competence to replace someone like Zimmer.

A proper judgment on Jennifer Lame cannot be done up until the time all the critics say their word about the film.

Lame has achieved recognition with Noah Baumbach’s films such as “Frances Ha,” “While We’re Young,” “Mistress America,” “The Meyerowitz Stories,” and “Marriage Story.”

Her career went on the steep rise when she worked on the Academy Award winner “Manchester by the Sea” directed by Kenneth Lonergan. She has also worked in the 2018 horror flick “Hereditary” directed by Ari Aster. “Tenet” will be Jessica Lame’s biggest mainstream film.

In an interview with ICG magazine, Nolan expounds his decision of hiring Jessica Lame. In that interview, he basically said that the person he is hiring should possess the same creative breath as him, and that does not mean that the person needs to have done something that he is looking for. He notices the potential in their past works and decides whether they could fit in his world.

With Jennifer Lame, that was precisely the case. She was creative and hardworking enough to be the first choice of Nolan for “Tenet.”

Nolan admitted that he did joke with her that “Tenet” will be the toughest film for any editor to work on, and he also said that given the fact that she has already worked on it, she would certainly not dispute it. He honors the time they spent together on “Tenet.”

He said. He reinstated that it was indeed difficult for anyone to edit Tenet given the fact that time runs in different dimensions in Tenet, and the correct visual impression of the story’s complexity was essential to create a film of such massive grandeur.

Lame stated in an interview that “Tenet’s aspect” attracted her towards the project, but it was a lot different than anything she has done before. However, Lame had Bafta Film Award nomination for “Manchester by the Sea” to show for when she was entering a new world with Tenet.

She had no experience in editing grand-scale action sequences because she had always worked in character-driven drama genre independent films. Still, she feels gratitude for Nolan, who helped her in building confidence as she navigated through the footage and made sense out of it.

She did, however, confess that she did enjoy a lot more with the quieter scenes as she had a lot of experience with such scenes.

She had to think of both the intimate scenes and the action as the driving force for the film whenever she got anxious with the action sequences. She said that when Nolan saw her getting “intimidated” by such shots, he reinstated his point that “story was always the driving” force.

She now is the editor of Tenet and can understandably boast about having experience with both the character-driven intimate dramas and the big-budget action films, a unique combination that can further expand her career in mainstream Hollywood projects.

Tenet will officially release in the United States (barring some cities such as New York and Los Angeles) on September the 3rd, 2020.

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