Tesla Model S EV – Luxury Meets Sustainability

The first Tesla Model S launched in 2012 pretty much set the benchmark for electric vehicles. It did prove the fact that electric vehicles can be eco friendly, feasible for transportation (especially long trips) with Tesla charging stations, and just as fun as conventional vehicles. Fast forward to today, the auto manufacturer is presenting their latest edition of the Model S for 2021. And it seems that it’s not just about spacious interiors, but also luxury at its best.

The 2021 Line-up:

Tesla is giving a significant boost to the performance of the new Model S. The new models, named Plaid and Plaid+, will be powered by three electric Motors. All variants of the Model S will be all-wheel drive, and provide impeccable range and acceleration. The third electric motor on Plaid and Plaid+ delivers a total output of 1020 horsepower each.

Performance like No Other:

The new Model S variants are deemed to be the fastest accelerating cars upon testing. They are said to go from 0 – 100 km/hr in just 2.1 seconds! There’s also a base Long Range model giving 0 – 100 km/hr accelerations in 3.2 seconds.

Battery and Range:

The driving range and performance slightly varies based on the model. The company has specified that the Plaid variant will have an estimated driving range of approximately 628km. The Long Range variant, on the other hand, will have a range of 663km. Besides, the presence of Tesla charging stations will make your trips totally hassle-free.


Apart from the convenience of using a superior Tesla charger, the interiors and exteriors have been refreshed with trendy new features of modern driving.

– The all-new interiors will have a 17” cinematic display placed in the centre. The ultra-bright screen has a resolution of 2200×1300 and is extremely responsive.

– The cabin is quite plush and comfortable, and includes seating for three adults, as well as an extra legroom, headroom and a stowable armrest. Storage and fast wireless charging facilities for smartphones, tablets, and laptops are also included.

– Set the perfect environment inside with clean and powerful cabin conditioning. The EV comes with ventilated front seats, Tri-zone temperature controls, and HEPA filtration as well.

– Groove to your favourite tunes with a 22-speaker audio system. Both the driver and passengers get the best listening experience, thanks to active noise cancelling.

– Stay entertained throughout the journey with gaming. Having up to 10 teraflops of processing power, enjoy console-level gaming without struggles. Play comfortably with wireless controller support.

No Compromise on Safety:

The Model S is built with robust safety features.

– The battery pack is floor-mounted for occupant safety and minimised rollover risk.

– Automatic Emergency Braking is also included at no additional cost.

– Autopilot includes a number of features including Autopark, Auto Lane Change, Autopilot navigation, and more to enable safe and convenient driving.

The Tesla Model S EV is not just about fuel economy and sustainable driving, but is also a pinnacle of luxury. Get yours today along with a Tesla home charger!

The author explains the features of the new Tesla Model S Plaid EV in this article. He has been working in the auto industry, specialised in the installation of Tesla charging stations for more than 4 years. To know more, visit https://evse.com.au/

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