Testimonial Tuesday: Jason Melton!

Attorney Jason Melton has been a PILMMA Mastermind member for the past 2 years and gains new insights and ideas with each Mastermind meeting: “Every meeting I come away with at least 10 things to do!”

A former state prosecutor, Jason has built a successful personal injury and wrongful death practice in Spring Hill, Florida, Whittel & Melton. He values the PILMMA Mastermind program and has implemented numerous marketing tactics this past year as a result of the Mastermind meetings and what he learns there.

The Mastermind program provides you with the: “Benefit of others’ failures and open dialogue of challenges and goals.”

“You can’t put enough value on unlocking the information on things you never thought of before. We are creatures of habit. PILMMA allows us to break habits in a judgment-free zone.”

His advice to Members on how to take advantage of a MASTERMIND membership: “LISTEN—ASK QUESTIONS—KEEP AN OPEN MIND.

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