Texas Holdem: The Right Way To Learn Poker

Learning how to play poker games could seem confusing for someone new to the poker table because of the many options this game offers. Poker includes a wide range of card games that are played for real money. As a complete novice looking to play poker for the first time on a competitive standard, you are bound to be clueless about how, to begin with, your preparations. Firstly, before you can even begin learning complicated calculations and understand the use of poker tools, you must spend enough time learning how poker operates.


Now, given the significant variations that poker has, it may seem impossible for you to learn and practice every single game. Hence, the solution to this is to understand the most popular card game of them all – Texas Holdem. The format of Texas Holdem is such that learning this variation in and out will give you an upper hand in understanding every other poker game. Most poker games follow Texas Holdem’s structure, so today, that is what we will be looking at.


Poker Hand Rankings


Poker hands refer to five-card combinations that you collect along the way, across the four different Texas Holdem rounds. Starting from the Royal Flush and ending with the High Card – there are ten such unique combinations. The rarer your mix, the higher your odds of winning. This is not to say that having a standard hand won’t win you the game; after all, poker is all about making the most out of your options. Everything you do at the table will reflect the strength of your poker hand.


Poker Rounds


In Texas Holdem, we first have the pre-flop round where you’re dealt with two hole cards, and this is also where the first blinds are posted. Blinds in poker are forced bets to encourage competition where the big blind is generally twice as much as the small blind. Then comes the flop where three community cards are revealed, and the game is almost decided. After this, we have the turn and river – each bringing one new community card. Those remaining in the game after this move to the showdown where the best hand wins.


Poker Actions


In Texas Holdem, table positions shift in a clockwise direction after every game to provide fairness. The later you are positioned, the better your chances because the more information you have at your disposal to judge. When it is eventually your turn to act, you can either call and match the betting amount, raise, and increase its value, fold, and withdraw from the hand or check and have the action move past you. Be very careful of the action you make and ensure that you consider your poker hands, table positions and strategy to decide what move to make.




That was the right way to learn poker, and we hope this blog has helped you do just that. If nothing else, playing Texas Holdem alone will help realize all your poker dreams. So, learn and practice first, compete after that.

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