Texas sales tax attorney

In Texas, sales tax audits are conducted by the Texas comptroller of public accounts. The comptroller auditor does not have a broad focus as IRS auditors. They rarely follow thousands of pages of tax law, court cases, and administrative guidance. They focus on a narrow set of laws and tax issues. This makes them focus on the problem quickly. They typically start by examining business revenue. It includes the business gross receipt reported on federal income tax returned, bank account records, and other accounting records.


The audit examines Texas sales tax collected versus sales tax remitted. The comptroller collects the tax but does not remit it very seriously. The Texans collect sales tax on all cash transactions as well as credit sales, installment sales, and so on.


Every Texan should pay 6.25% of the sales tax to the Texas government. The Texans do not have a state income tax. This tax is crucial for federal income tax. When you face a frightening large sales tax determination and desperately trying to reduce the cost Texas sales tax attorney can do a great favor for you.


Our lawyers at Mitchell Tax Law are extensively solving tax problems without putting any extra effort. Our lawyers are trained on arguments based on facts. They focus their practice on tax problems and know exactly how to deal with the IRS and protect your rights.


In the world of taxes, a small error can lead to room for error. The problem arises when businesses do not collect sales tax. If the record keeping is poor, it requires hours of record gathering and preparation to make it correct. These issues can cause a significant problem for the operation of your business and you.


Every business operates a definite type of legal entity. It needs entities chosen for a business that will impact numerous aspects of the business.


Now that you’ve registered for your Texas seller’s permit and know how to charge the right amount of sales tax just be sure to keep up with all filing deadlines to avoid penalties and fines. We represent clients in all the tax disputes related to Texas sale tax. The innovative case strategy enables us to attain a favorable settlement.


Our attorneys are updated all the time with the state tax matter. We represent clients in all tax disputes. If you find it too complicated to navigate on your own, it is worth seeking the guidance of an attorney to avoid legal tangles and fines later on. Call today and schedule your appointment.


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