Thailand Architecture Firm

From many years of experiences in the field of design, Openbox is proud to be a leading Bangkok architectural research studio. With a team of studio architects, interior designers, and landscape designers, we provide design services related to various building types

Our services are not only to give simple straightforward ideas which is very easy to approach but also represent artistic touches delicately crafted and woven into every piece of work. Furthermore, in every architectural work and landscape of our team design, we always bring into our consideration how to create harmony between the building and the botanical surroundings which leads to a unique style architectural masterpiece. Thailand Architecture Firm


The information which includes client’s requirements, program criteria, context of the location will all be use as inspiration to the design. Concept includes Site analysis, Users analysis, Program analysis, Space Relationship diagram, Functional Conceptual diagram, Building Mass study and Final Layout in proper format for clear understanding. Design Concept consist of 2-3 stages, depends on the complexity of the project. Which shall deliver as :

  • Preliminary Design Concept Stage
  • Final Design Concept Stage
  • Schematic Design Stage


Once the concept is approved by client, architect shall provide sets of working drawings for various purposes.

  • Design Development Drawing: for coordination with engineers and other consultants including layouts, plan, sections, elevations, and other necessary details to communicate and for discussion purposes.
  • Authority Submissions Drawing: for submission purposes, including plans, sections, elevations and necessary details required by Local Authority. Solar Architecture


After submission drawing architect will develop further detail for construction purposes the stage consisted of

  • Tender Drawing: for nominated contractor to use and submit their construction cost. The document set includes Tender Drawing, Blank BOQ and Architectural Specifications Document
  • Tender Stage: Architect shall assist Project Management team (PM) or Construction Management team (CM) for bidding purposes only. Clarifying drawings, documentation and answer all question about design intent.
  • Construction Drawing: Architect shall gather all drawing amendments in Tender Stage and add any other necessary details for construction contract.

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