That’s just one way to see it! Enough players to go around!

I will attempt to describe a possible way this could be OSRS Gold achieved. Since the new skill will benefit the existing skills, I believe it will be a part of the current skills that include a strategy option or you could learn how to create and use new items. You could utilize the Strategy On/Off button to switch between different strategies, such for example, cooking or mining.

The strategy mode switch allows you to develop the new skill and will perhaps increase the quantity or quality of your product. There may be recipes or other formulas available which require specific cooking methods or making your product.

What can this new skill be prevented by repetition? It would seem that once they had the grasp of it, they could enter a zombie mode in which they can continue to learn the skill without thinking. We need to understand that this method will be influenced by many unique factors such as various timings, randomness and other situations. Much like minigames like the Burgh De Rott ramble, or Barbarian Assault, the player must adapt to the situation.

Although it’s still an unproven guess I’m pretty sure it’s more likely than the other guesses. I have yet to see anyone guess one of the other possibilities and I’ll remain with my own strategies skills. While I don’t enjoy strategy, there is nothing more enjoyable than Old School RS Gold sailing.

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