THC Vape Juice: What It is and How to Use It

Wanna vape your weed as opposed to smoking it? You are gonna have to have a minimum of two factors: a vape pen and a few THC vape juice. In this short article, the authorities at Sincere Marijuana reveal everything you’ll want to know about THC vape juice to ensure that you realize what it really is and the way to use it. Get more information about hash oil cartridges for sale online

Along the way, we’ll even show you the best way to make your own THC vape juice and the best way to gauge the dosage for the ideal higher probable. Let’s get started.

What exactly is Vape Juice?

Vape juice (a.k.a. e-juice or e-liquid) is really a mixture of water, at times alcohol, from time to time nicotine, food-grade flavoring, and propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG).

Vape juice very first popped onto the scene when e-cigarettes have been introduced as an alternative to normal cigarettes. For that explanation, those in the know usually reserve the term “vape juice” (by itself) to refer to a liquid that:

Contains nicotine

Is made use of as a replacement for smoking cigarettes

So, just like many of the other slang within the cannabis neighborhood, it is not OK to say vape juice if you in fact mean THC vape juice. In the event you do, those who know greater may perhaps get confused…or in the pretty least, consider you’re a tool.

If you’re speaking about a replacement for cigarettes (with or without having added nicotine), say vape juice. If you’re speaking about vaping to obtain higher, say THC vape juice.

What’s THC Vape Juice?

THC vape juice is basically the identical point as vape juice – it’s water (or alcohol), flavoring, and PG or VG – except that THC vape juice also includes … wait for it … a THC concentrate.

One of the most common forms of THC concentrate are:

CO2 extraction

Liquid THC


You could also use cannabis oil (a.k.a. Rick Simpson oil) as long as you dilute it prior to applying heat. We’ll clarify all that in greater detail inside the Are you able to Make Your Own THC Vape Juice? section later in this post.

What Are the Effects Of THC Vape Juice?

Due to the fact THC vape juice is essentially concentrated THC, the effects will be the same as you’d practical experience when smoking a high-THC strain. Frequent effects of THC vape juice include things like:

Distortion of time

Increased receptivity to stimuli



Hunger (a.k.a. the munchies)

The intensity of those effects depends in massive element on your metabolism, body composition, and also a whole host of other components.

That implies the amount of THC vape juice (or the number of tokes) that sends you in to the stratosphere may perhaps only send your buddy towards the top rated of the Empire State Building (metaphorically speaking, needless to say).

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