The 2K blueprint every season

As an example they know custom courts/jerseys are debatable but they want you to NBA 2K21 MT state”that’s bullshit I only lost because I could not tell the difference between the gamers and the courtroom. I want a much better team so I can smack the cheesers who do so.” Then packs are bought by that person. As a guy who owns every city, classic and statement uni that I love the notion of courts. From the classic uni segment raptors and warriors are white but are off unis although the needs to be adjusted. Things like this would be sick! Anyway list.

The 2K blueprint every season – have Mike wang discuss features and how good they are for every day until launch. All features and game launches are broken or balanced and Mike wang goes off the radar. It’s the exact same game but they tweak shit. They understand. But they wait until 2K21 say look at this game and comes around. We are now patching and shifting intimidator badge! The player base pops Champaign bottles cuz they think it is a game that is brand new. When in reality this shit should of been patched week 2 of 2K20 launching ideas must be implemented to the game that was NEW.

Wait until 2K does the influencer event and the YouTubers head out and play and Buy 2K21 MT now they feel inclined to tell the folks that NBA 2K21 is”Crazy” and the”best 2K so far” cuz they got some shoes/merch and confront scan in NBA 2K21. Every time I feel like people folks are waking up to 2ks ways, I check their earnings and they are always selling. I told myself I wasn’t going to purchase 2k20 and that I would’ve never played with it had it. I wish more people could hold out so that the problems are addressed by 2k with their own game.

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