The 4 Signs You Need to Paint Your House This Year


A fresh coat of paint can make your house look like it’s new again, and you may want to freshen up your home’s color scheme more than once every decade or so. It’s important to keep tabs on how long you’ve had the paint job on your house, though. Otherwise, you could end up spending more money than you need to when you re-paint it. Expert Tracy house painters list four signs that your house needs a fresh coat of paint, so you can save yourself some time and money while making sure your house looks its best!

Stained walls:

Although dirty walls make your house look unkempt, stains are a major sign that you need a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, no matter how much scrubbing you do, some stains (like mold) won’t come out. If staining isn’t bad enough, some types of paint contain lead and other heavy metals that can cause long-term health problems if breathed in or absorbed by sensitive skin. Talk to a painting expert and make sure they use high quality paints for your house.

The Colors Are Fading:

If your home was built several years ago, you may start to notice like fading paint or broken windows. If you look closely at areas like trim and shutters, you might see that they’re not as vibrant as they once were. And while it might be tempting to just keep painting over these faded spots year after year, eventually they’ll need a fresh coat of paint. If you let them go too long without being touched up, they could end up looking worse than when you started. So, sign up for window replacement in Tracy or a new paint job to ensure your house looks better than ever.

The Paint is Peeling:

Whether you just bought your house or have lived in it for years, peeling paint means it’s time for a fresh coat. Peeling paint is usually caused by moisture damage, so before repainting, be sure to fix any problems with your roof and foundation. By taking care of these things first, you can prevent future damage and save yourself time and money down the road. An exterior painting contractor in Tracy will inspect your home and provide an estimate on how much it will cost to paint.

Cracks in Caulk:

Caulk is essential for waterproofing and weatherproofing your house. Caulk (and paint) will deteriorate over time and become exposed, leading to cracks. The cracks in caulk are a sure sign that it’s time for a fresh coat of paint before water damage occurs. Regularly check along your doors, windows, siding and foundation.

Getting the exterior of your house to look its best can help sell it at a higher price, or just make it more attractive to passersby. Analyze your house and if you notice any changes in its condition over time, talk to an expert specialized in house painting and window replacement in Tracy today.

The author is an exterior painting contractor in Tracy for more than four years now. In this article, he explains some important signs that your house needs repainting. To know more, visit

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