The 5 Best Colours to Paint Your Office Reception Area


At your office, the first impression people get of your business comes when they walk into the reception area. This means you’ll want to make it look as polished and professional as possible, so you can gain the confidence of potential clients and partners right off the bat. Painting your office reception area can be an affordable way to improve its appearance dramatically, but it’s important to choose the best colour scheme to match the space and reflect your company image as like choosing the right office painters Sydney. These five paint colours are proven to be the best choices for this often-overlooked part of your office’s design.

1) White: Professionalism and Cleanliness

White is one of those colours that almost everyone likes and most people feel comfortable with. It’s professional and clean, and it works especially well in a business office, like a reception area or lobby.

2) Dark Grey: Elegance, Class and Sophistication

If you are looking for a colour that commands authority, choose dark grey. It is an ultra-modern colour that brings all of your interior elements together. When paired with lighter shades of grey and white, it showcases your unique style and adds sophistication to your office space.

3) Black: Strong Elements of Technology, Sophistication, Power, Trust

For a powerful and sophisticated look, consider black for office painting Sydney. Black walls can imply strength and dominance, which is why it’s often used in boardrooms or offices where power and trust are required. At the same time, black isn’t a particularly welcoming colour for social spaces like offices; make sure that you pair your black walls with equally strong elements of a decor (e.g., furnishings), so that your reception area doesn’t come across as too serious or cold.

4) Yellow: Energy and Vibrant Character

Yellow is an attention-grabbing colour that most often invokes a sense of happiness and optimism. If you’re looking for an inviting and energetic workplace, yellow is a great colour choice. It’s also a solid choice if you want your customers or employees to think of your business as youthful, with high spirits—if you’re just starting out, it can help make your business look more established than it actually is.

5) Light Grey: Modern Style

Light grey is a great choice for an office reception area because it’s still neutral enough to work with a lot of different styles and colour schemes. It gives off a sophisticated vibe, but isn’t so dark that it makes your guests feel as though they can’t approach you.

The Bottom Line

Your office should be welcoming and cosy, so you can better retain your staff or attract new clients. Especially your office reception area! Your office reception area is the first place visitors see when they enter your business, so it’s important to make it look inviting and professional. Colour plays an important role in the mood of your visitors, so the colours you choose to paint your office reception area can have a significant impact on their experience with your company. Choose the right paint colour and painters Sydney for your office painting project. Good Luck!

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