The 5 Best Samsung Apps of 2020

Samsung has been producing smartphones for decades. And over the years, it has worked on vast improvements to perform the tasks efficiently through their devices and to run apps smoothly. Every handset manufacturing company has a bundle of apps that are pre-owned by them. So, every handset manufacturer has an ecosystem of apps that comes pre-installed with the devices when you purchase them.


Like most of the other handset manufacturers, Samsung also provides some pre-installed applications for their smartphones. Be it, tracking the activities, exercise, and daily steps goals, mobile payments. You get almost all essential apps when you purchase a Samsung device or transfer data or put on notes. However, you can download many other applications from the Play Store, which are similar to the already existing pre-installed Samsung applications. Samsung also provides an app, which offers live help to users around the world. Along with this, Samsung also has its virtual assistant popularly known as Bixby.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best Samsung applications of 2020. You may go through them, to have an overview.

  1. Samsung Pay

Like the payment app by Google and Apple, this application lets users make transactions for almost all the existing credit cards and mobile payments. It is a mobile payment application that runs on Galaxy S6 and newer smartphones. It also offers digital wallet service. With the Samsung Pay, you can transfer money to any account with ease, just like the above mentioned two applications. The app was released on August 20, 2015, and is available on selected Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Samsung Smartwatches.

  • Samsung Health

As the name suggests, the application is mainly for monitoring your health. This app can track your steps while you are running or cycling. It also tracks your heart rate while you are doing any activity. It can also track your water and food intake along with your sleep. You can also connect the Samsung smartwatches with Samsung Health. Also, the application can integrate with several other health applications, and you can run it on most Android handsets.

  • Samsung Notes

This application can take handwritten notes which can be added by writing with fingers or by using an S Pen, as well as the notes which are typed by using the keyboard. After writing or typing, you can also set a password for your notes to keep them private. If you have saved a number in the notes, you can directly make a call on that by simply tapping on it. You can also draw anything using the brush tool, which it offers for drawing purposes. You can also send the saved notes to any email directly from your phone as the app is integrated with email, phone, and web.

  • SmartThings

Setting up this application is very easy. Along with that, it supports many of the third-party apps. No matter where you are, you can control all the smart devices that are compatible, directly from your handset with the help of this application.

  • Samsung Smart Switch

This application is easy to use and runs on multiple platforms. With this app, you can move all the content like messages, photos, videos, contacts, and all the device settings from another Android device to your Samsung Galaxy device. You can move content to your device from an iPhone too. To transfer data from another device to yours, download the Samsung Smart Switch app on both the devices and follow the further instructions which will appear once you finish downloading the app. The application uses Wi-Fi connections to move the data between the two devices. If you are transferring data from an iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy device, it can be done through iTunes or with the help of a wired connection. For full backups, the PC version of this application is also available.

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