The 5 capital points to improve your conversion rate

You can have the most beautiful site in the universe, if your conversion rate is zero, you are going straight into the wall! In 2020, the average conversion rate for e-commerce in France is 3% . Which one is yours? And how to improve it?

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First, let’s go back to basics. When we want a maximum of actions to be carried out on our site (a sale, a registration, an application download …), we can act on 2 main elements:

Increase the number of visitors;

Improve the conversion rate (of its audience at first).

This famous rate represents the percentage of people having visited the site and having carried out the desired action. Consider the mathematical formula: number of desired actions (purchase for example) / number of visitors x 100 .

Don’t go headlong into the first track and invest in “massive communication” to bring in as many users as possible. It is essential, before that, to optimize your conversion rate ( Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO ).

The percentage of people who perform a desired action should be as high as possible. If it is very low, you may have many visitors, just passing through. Not cool !😭

  1. “Continuous” optimization or improvement of its conversion rate over time

To improve the number of internet users who interact with your site, you must understand them. This is the starting point for your conversion rate progress.

conversion rate

Define your conversion funnels

They correspond to the actions of visitors on your site, your e-store or on your blog. You must therefore make a list of the desired conversions on your site:

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Forms to be completed,

Captures of emails, subscribing to your newsletter,


Each action will have its own tunnel. It should be as short as possible.

Take as an example, subscribing to a newsletter. If the visitor has to go through the home page, an information page, then the registration page, you reduce your chances of retrieving the email compared to registering directly from the home page.

Study and observe the behaviors leading to a conversion

Study and observe the behaviors leading to a conversion

Become a benevolent spy. Analyze and study the behavior of your target audience and of Internet users who visit your website.

Note the characteristics of your privileged visitor, of your target. It is for them that you will make changes.

Many sites like Google Analytics, or WordPress plugins, can help you.

You have to do some testing to find what works best. Test A on one side versus test B on the other.

Be careful, only perform one test at a time, over a few days or weeks, to find out what works. With several changes at once, which one works?

These tests must be carried out continuously

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💡Little tip: create an Excel file with the different options and write down the results. You will thus have a database of the behavior of your visitors and you will save time for your next tests.


I will not give you an optimum conversion rate figure. It varies depending on the desired actions and the type of site. As long as your conversion rate increases , you win the game!

Now that you understand the importance of the study of the conversion, I will present you the important points to multiply the rate of action on your site or on your blog.

The professionalism necessary for the relationship of trust

  1. Quality is the foundation!

It might sound like a boat to you, but if you neglect quality, you won’t convert anyone.

It all starts with vocabulary . It should be tailored to your primary audience. If you target young people and give them far-fetched vocabulary, they won’t stay on your site. They won’t act the way you want them to.

The professionalism necessary for the relationship of trust

The image prevails . Your image should be as professional as possible. A user who arrives on your site should feel confident.

Several points must be of quality:

your logo,

your mark,

a color code (2 to 3 dominant colors),

a responsive website,

At first glance, the internet user should understand that you are an expert . Confidence will build up and he will be better able to act.


Speed ​​improves conversion rate

The quality of the media offered

How do you convert someone if you show them poor quality images? It’s impossible.

Your images, your videos, your content will not be able to do without this quality . It is sought after by Internet users today.

It is this quality that leads to conversion. For example, a quality video on a landing page improves the conversion rate by 86%.

Another example: a logo on the bottom of a good quality image amplifies the impression of professionalism.

Without quality, don’t bother to read on.

Aware of this obligation to add value, the next chapter will help you improve your conversion rate.

  1. An optimized user experience for better conversion

Beyond quality, it is quality that allows you to transform a visitor into a subscriber, into a customer …

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You must accompany, guide, and please Internet users.


Speed ​​improves conversion rate

Your site should load quickly , otherwise:

more than a quarter of visitors leave if loading takes more than 4 seconds,

50% will not return.

To gain speed , here are some basic first steps:

optimize the weight of your media,

manage your site’s cache well,

remove unnecessary extensions.

A successful description

Simplify the life of your visitors

The simpler it is for the Internet user, the more your conversion rate will increase. Why ? The shorter the path, the less likely the visitor is to leave.

For example, reduce the steps to complete a desired action:

Simplify payment. The more steps you have, the more the potential buyer wins.

Postpone the creation of a user account during a purchase or an offer.

Opt for very short forms.

  1. Improving your conversion rate also means knowing how to sell

“Sell” is a word that scares some … Tame it! You do not force the hand: you help the visitor to make up his mind  !

A successful description

As with your entire site, quality comes through successful product or service descriptions.

Whatever action you want, you must insist on the benefit (especially emotional) of it. Put in image what brings to your visitor the approach he takes on your site.

Then you need to create an emergency situation , for example:


for a product sale: notify the number of items remaining or a temporary reduction,

for a service: a deadline,

and for a registration: offer a gift for a defined number of subscribers.

Personalized content to increase the conversion rate

A reassured visitor is a nearly converted visitor

It is imperative to reassure all visitors who come to your site. From the one that comes from a search engine to the one you attract by advertising. If it is not in “trust” mode, it will not act.

Several possibilities :

a clearly visible “Contact” and “CGU / CGV” section,

a frequently asked questions (FAQ),

make themselves available or have someone to answer questions,

offer different guarantees: free delivery, refund offer …

But also: share opinions! The testimonials of your customers are proof of the quality of your offer.

Well-designed call-to-action buttons

Do not position them lightly. Not too many, but their position matters.

Imagine it is at the bottom of a very long page. Will the visitor go all the way down? Are you ready to take the risk?

Your buttons should be:

visible the first time on your site,

easily understandable,

with a clear call to action.

Test the position and the text to optimize them according to your target.

Personalized content to increase the conversion rate

There are many possibilities for content personalization :

depending on the person who comes to your site, member or not,

depending on the link she used,

in line with the device it uses.

It can be automated and the visitor will appreciate this approach.

For example, someone who comes from a partner site can see their logo on the sales page, unlike a typical visitor. He will be able to feel more confident, thanks to this known benchmark.

Personalized content to increase the conversion rate

Targeted incentive

This part may seem intrusive, but it is not (if used with common sense and respect). You remember the good memories of your visitors, customers, readers.

Either by mailing or by a targeted advertising system ( retargeting ), you can:

message a subscriber for a blog or make an offer to a customer for an online store. Especially if they haven’t been back to your site for a while.

This incentive can be automated with a number of tools.

  1. Effective networking

If the mesh of your website is effective, a large part of your visitors or customers act according to your wishes.

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The more quality this mesh, such as the semantic cocoon for a blog, or the proposal of optional targeted products , the higher the conversion will be.

This mesh can be optimized if you use labels wisely. For products or content, if the search tool takes the visitor where they want to go, they’ll convert more easily. If it gets lost in many pages of your site, it will disappear from your radar.

You are now armed to improve the conversion rate of your online store, your blog or your website.

The quality of your site is your best ally. It greatly increases your conversion rate.

Various marketing concepts make it possible to optimize conversion more effectively.

All you have to do is test solutions to make your converts grow. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a miracle percentage. The more the rate increases each day, the better your actions.

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Test and share your results. 😎


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