The 7 Biggest Wedding Trends of 2019

Wedding trends are like waves on the beach, they come and go. It is by no means necessary to follow fads but since your big day is about expressing your style you can check out some of the trends and come up with your own style for the event. The ambiance, the banquet hall, the food, decor, music play a vital role in the overall style of your ceremony. This article has rounds up 10 of the biggest trends of the year. Read through them, get inspired, and make your day a memorable one. Add some spice to your party plans with some of the-newer unorthodox trends or opt for a traditional setup that has withstood the test of time.

LED Wedding Signs

Add some pizzazz to the ceremony with signage. It is a useful way to provide directions or instructions or to add that personal touch to the ceremony. Chalkboards are a thing of the past, LED boards are colorful and trendy. All you have to do is come up with a few lines to add some style to the ceremony. They don’t cost too much ether.

Doughnut Walls 

This has been an enduring feature in modern ceremonies where boards are fitted with delicious doughnuts. Give your guests a fun treat and we are sure they are going to love it.


These plants can be great for wedding decor. The fleshy texture of the plants would be ideal for centerpieces. They are used in wedding cake decorations, bouquets and could be used as a wedding favor as well.


There is a trend where acrylic is being used to detail wedding halls. This provides a modern look and feel. This could be used for wedding signage. Escort cards and table plans could also be detailed with acrylic.
Using Greenery for Wedding Decor 

There is a trend where greenery is used to decorate the venue. From garland runners to arches with greenery, it seems to be THE thing for decoration. Greenery is even being used with blooms, palms, and ferns. Greenery is an affordable option that adds style and grace to the occasion.

Do-it-Yourself Wedding Ceremonies 
An increasing number of couples seem to be opting for secular ceremonies centered on creativity and innovation with the help of friends. This should only be done if you intend to invite a small number of guests though.

Hanging Flowers for Decoration

This would require a florist with decoration skills, this could be a touch costly but ends up in a gorgeous setup that oozes luxury and romance. It might be worth taking a look pictures to get some ideas on how to decorate your venue by hanging flowers.

We understand that your wedding is a monumental moment of your life. However, you need to identify what is possible and what isn’t in your wedding plan. Keeping your expectations realistic will reduce the stress associated with the entire planning process. Always feel free to get assistance whenever you can and get your friends or family to get involved if you are overwhelmed by the entire planning process.


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