The above entries are an example of the typical

Since these accounts typically max all of their resources, except for OSRS gold Defence and Prayer, they don’t have as much restriction like other pures. Many of the players who opt for this route for their account are primarily using them. That means they benefit from PvE content as well as other attributes other than combat-related skills.

The above entries are an example of the typical pures that are most commonly used to Old School RuneScape players. Although they perform great in the game of player against opponent, there’s also other methods to build characters that can be even more efficient. If you’re looking to create your own perfect persona, you’ll have to decide what statistics are important to you and which are not.

Do not forget to pass certain checkpoints. For instance, if you are planning to create a Pure that specializes in Ranged making sure you maximize the range of your character while keeping your melee statistics low. If you’re planning to sneak in a specific attack like a Granite Maul in it then go for 50 in Attack and Strength , but only the two. Also, you will require at least 43 prayer for defensive prayers like Protect From Melee. The more weapons and special attacks you can use the higher your Combat Level will improve So always pay attention to how much levels you can achieve.

As a Combat Pure, you always need to determine at the beginning which skills are most important to your character than the other. By reducing certain skills will significantly reduce the combat level of your character that makes it easier to kill. You should not rush your melee skills too quick as it can impact your ability to attack in large numbers, and therefore, it’ll give your enemy the time they need to recuperate their health through food.

That’s why Defence, Hitpoints, and Prayer abilities are generally the ones at a lower level. It’s not easy to figure out what skills are most important, and it’s the individual’s decision the ones they want to keep at a minimum and which ones to be pushed to the max. When deciding, don’t forget that the lower your skill level is, the easier enemies to fight and consequently, the more successful you will be.

In terms of the most frequently criticized stat it’s usually Defence that isn’t necessary to play PVP. The higher your target’s Defence level, the lower your chance to land the attack you want to make successfully. However, it does not limit the amount of damage that you can deal. This skill is also accountable for the ability to wear equipment. You can’t wear a good helmet or buy RS gold armour without meeting the requirement for the level of defence. It’s the most crucial part since better equipment can reduce the amount of damage that you sustain.

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