The advantages of a serviced apartment for families traveling with children.

service apartment in nashik

When traveling with children, finding suitable accommodation can be a challenge. Hotels can be cramped and lacking in amenities, while vacation rentals can be expensive and may not offer the same level of service as a hotel. However, Aashiyana service apartment in Nashik can be an excellent option for families traveling with children. Here are some advantages of serviced apartments for families:

  1. Space:

 Serviced apartments are typically larger than hotel rooms and offer separate living areas, kitchens, and bedrooms. This extra space allows families to spread out and gives children the freedom to play and explore without feeling confined.

  1. Home comforts:

 Serviced apartments offer all the comforts of home, including fully equipped kitchens, washing machines, and dryers. This means families can cook their meals, do laundry, and maintain a normal routine while on vacation.

  1. Privacy:

Serviced apartments offer more privacy than hotels, with separate bedrooms and living areas. This can be particularly useful for families with young children who need quiet nap times or bedtimes.

  1. Cost-effective:

 Serviced apartments can be a cost-effective option for families, particularly for longer stays. They often offer lower nightly rates than hotels, and families can save money by cooking their meals instead of eating out.

  1. Amenities:

 Many serviced apartments offer additional amenities, such as swimming pools, gyms, and playgrounds. These amenities can provide entertainment for children and help families make the most of their vacation.

  1. Location:

 Serviced apartments are often located in residential neighborhoods, away from the noise and crowds of tourist areas. This can provide families with a more authentic experience of the destination and a chance to interact with locals.

  1. Flexibility: 

Serviced apartments offer greater flexibility than hotels, with check-in and check-out times that can be customized to fit the family’s schedule. This means families can arrive and depart at their leisure, without the stress of adhering to strict hotel schedules.


serviced apartments offer many advantages for families traveling with children. They provide extra space, home comforts, privacy, and amenities, making them an excellent choice for families who want to have a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.


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