The advantages of Forming a Company in a Favorable Jurisdiction

The idea of forming a company in the international market sounds so exciting. When you proceed with the company formation, you will realize the many advantages you may experience with an overseas legal entity in a favorable jurisdiction.


One of the criteria you should look at for selecting the jurisdiction is the corporate tax. There is a European country that has a corporate tax of 12.5% and is among the favorable jurisdictions of the world. This country is Cyprus! Many entrepreneurs have selected Cyprus for their company’s headquarters because this country’s corporate legal framework favors  Cyprus company formation.

The advantages of forming a Cyprus company:

Favorable corporate tax legislation: The main reason why more and more entrepreneurschoose Cyprus for their company base isits favorable corporate tax legislation. As we have already mentioned,the Cyprus corporate tax rate is very lowcompare to other European countries. This advantage is ideal, especially for entrepreneurs who wish to start a new business or have trade operations in Europe.

Simple process: Another added benefit of starting a Cyprus company is the simple and straightforward company registration process. At first, you can get the name of your company approved. After that, you can complete the documentation work, and a legal entity is being formed.

Permanent Residence Permit (Fast Track): Many people do notknow thatbyacquiring a Cyprus property or investing in a Cyprus Company or in Fundscan earn the right to obtain a Permanent Residence Permit for their whole family. (subject to other criteria)

Double tax treaties: Cyprus has in place more than 65 double taxation treaties.

If you form a Cyprus company, you can benefit fromthis and formulate new agreements with nations that Cyprus has a registered double tax treaty.

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