The Advantages Of Having A Moss Wall

Let’s take a closer look at some of the excellent benefits articulated in this article, and you’ll see that moss walls are more than just an attractive feature for your house or company.


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Moss walls in Toronto, Canada convert a gray area into something amazing. The scenery becomes spectacular, combining natural beauty with cutting-edge technology and design. But did you know that moss walls offer some amazing scientific benefits as well?


Productivity Has Increased.


Plants and workplace productivity were researched by researchers at Texas A&M University in the United States. They created three workspaces: one with flowers and plants, one with a sculpture, and one without visual elements.


After having participants work in all three contexts, researchers observed that when they worked in an area containing flowers and plants, both men and women demonstrated more inventive thinking and solved more problems.


Reducing Airborne Dust


Moss may effectively reduce airborne particles because they are colonized by bacteria that survive off organic molecule breakdown. Cleaner aerosols, soot particles, chemical dust, molds, and gasses are all potentially harmful materials of potentially dangerous materials found in airborne dust. Inhaling airborne dust puts people at risk of acquiring dust-related diseases such as asthma, allergic alveolitis, and cancer.


Adding moss to a location gives you more control over flying particulates. The soluble inorganic components of airborne dust are absorbed and metabolized, removing them from the air.


Reducing Stress


Another research was undertaken by Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington State University, who examined stress levels in employees at various workstations. She observed that those who worked in environments with plants were 13% less worried than those who worked in workstations without plants.


Dr. Lohr’s study is not the only one that discovered comparable results. Researchers have frequently found that having plants in the workplace decreases overall stress among employees.



Improved Air Quality


According to the World Health Organization(WHO), air pollution killed approximately four million people in the year 2012. Lung cancer, strokes, and certain types of heart disease were responsible for these deaths. While many of these deaths occurred in areas with significantly higher levels of pollution than Australia, we are far from free of air toxins that are harmful to human health.


Moss is extremely good at reducing air pollution. Pollutants in the rain and air cling to the moss’ surface, where microorganisms convert them into plant biomass while trapped. As you can see, having a moss wall in Toronto may benefit your lungs greatly.


Healthy Skin


Plants in your home and workplace have been found to reduce dry skin. Hydrated skin not only makes us seem younger and avoids wrinkles, but it also aids in wound healing. We generally feel better and avoid the itching and scratching that dry skin causes.


As you can see, there are numerous exciting scientific benefits to moss walls. Moss walls provide several advantages, ranging from psychological advantages such as reduced stress and better productivity to economic advantages like lower heating and cooling costs. Moss walls also have substantial environmental benefits. They can help to maintain humidity and improve air quality in your house.Picture1

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