The Advantages of Having a Power Lift Chair

How can you determine whether you need a power lift chair?

Standing up or lowering yourself onto a sitting area can be difficult for many elderly. With decreasing leg and pelvic strength and flexibility, as well as a loss of balance, the motions necessary to do so might result in falls in some situations. Lift chairs for seniors were created with this goal in mind: to provide a comfortable atmosphere for older people to relax whether watching TV, reading, resting, or spending time with family and friends while keeping their freedom. If getting out of your usual sofa or lounger is difficult for you, a lifting chair might be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Benefits of Having a Power Lift Chair

  1. Lift chairs for seniors provide incredible versatility:

Power lift chairs are available in a variety of configurations, including two-position, three-position, and infinite position/zero gravity.

Two-Position Lift Chairs: Because they only have one motor, two-position power lift recliners are ideal for small situations where a chair cannot be reclined too far back. A two-position lift chair will recline to around a 30-degree angle while raising the leg rests. When the legs are lowered, the back will straighten. It has the smallest range of motion.

Three-Position Lift Chairs: Three-position lift recliners were the most common style of a lift chair in Canada until a few years ago. Three-position recliners function similarly to two-position recliners, except the backrest may recline considerably further back, reaching a “napping position.” This enables you maximum relaxation when sitting in your power lift chair. A three-position lift chair also has one motor, which means that the backrest reclines as the leg rest rises. When the back rises, the legs fall. This type of lift chair for elders is ideal for anyone who needs a simple remote control. The controls of a 3-position lift chair are simple to operate, with only two arrows to press.

Lift Chairs with Infinite Positions: These fully loaded lifting chair models provide the most adaptability on the market. The backrest and leg rest of an endless position lift chair may be manipulated individually. For example, if you wish to watch TV in an upright posture, you can also keep your legs up in a horizontal position, something a 2 or 3-position lift chair cannot accomplish. Infinite position lift chairs may also recline to a sleeping position and frequently have lumbar and headrest adjustments. If you are looking for lift chairs in Canada that provide the greatest in comfort, an endless position will meet all of your needs.

  1. Your motorized lift recliner may be customized to match your home’s décor:

Lift chairs for elders are no longer an ugly addition to your living area. Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies, two of Canada’s leading producers of medical power lift recliners, have created stunning versions that match your decor. Lift chairs in the 2020s have gone a long way since the early days, with classic designs using durable and supple faux-leather textiles to ultra-modern designs boasting soft, suede-like materials.

  1. Today’s lift chairs are equipped with beneficial functions:

When looking for a power lift recliner in Canada, you will note that many come with beneficial attachments. Many power lift recliners offer USB ports where you may connect to your phone or other portable devices, and some even have wireless charging stations. They also have cup holders for your drink and huge side pockets for books, magazines, and other items.

How do you pick a lift chair and which one is ideal for you?

The decision to purchase motorized lift chairs in Canada is significant. You want to establish a good combination of features, comfort, and value. If the individual using the lift chair is familiar with technology and the use of different remote-control buttons, an infinite position lift chair would be the best choice because it provides the greatest variety. However, if the individual utilizing the power lift chair has cognitive challenges, the simplicity of use of a three-position lift chair is tough to exceed. Finally, if space is a concern, a space-saving two-position lift chair may be the answer.


We frequently remark that the best approach to buying lift chairs in Canada is to try them out. At any one moment, we have roughly 5-6 lift chairs on display on our floor at Vital Mobility locations. Customers may come in and test and compare their features in order to make an educated selection. Buying a lifting chair online may work for some people, but if you want to know what you’ll be experiencing on a regular basis, you should check it out for yourself. Also, you can also look for knee walker in Canada and many more mobility devices online.

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