The Advantages of Using Delivery Service Software

As a business owner, it’s important to know how well your delivery service is performing. Usually, indicators of any problem come via customer complaints, which can mean you have already lost custom which could potentially damage your company image. With delivery system softwareyou are able to find out what is going on throughout the delivery process through a delivery platform. This will not only allow you to find out whether orders are being dispatched in the amount of time that your customers have been promised but also allow you or your employees to notify the recipients of how long they will have to wait for their delivery.

Manage employee time efficiently

Part of keeping customers happy is ensuring your employees are using their time well. You can check the driver’s route through the delivery platform, how many stops were made whether to re-fuel, lunch breaks or if an employee is using the company vehicle and time for things that should be done in their own time. The delivery dispatch software will allow the driver’s routes to be recorded and let them take signatures from the recipient. This will allow you to clear up any disputes quickly should the intended recipient inform you that their delivery has not been received. You will be able to notify them of who has signed for the delivery whether it is a co-worker, neighbor or a member of a customer’s household.

Improve customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of course extremely important too, which is something you can also find out about via the delivery platform. The customer’s satisfaction can be recorded via an email questionnaire link giving you feedback on the delivery platform that you can use on your website to show off your customer’s satisfaction level. You can also use this information to solve disputes quickly and show customers that may not have wanted to complain, but decided to take their business elsewhere without any knowledge as to why. A lot of people are more comfortable putting their complaints through a website than calling or visiting, which will give you the opportunity to offer disgruntled customers some sort of compensation to keep them coming back to you.

Rather than a customer having to wonder where their delivery is you can set up a text and/or email notification to let them know it is on the way in real time. This will also free up phone lines to enable call operatives to take orders rather than spend time reassuring customers who are chasing up deliveries.

Save money

As well as avoiding loss of custom and ultimately money, the delivery dispatch software can save you money in other ways. As a business offering a delivery service you will avoid the need for delivery drivers to return to the office with information. As it can be sent electronically with mobile-friendly delivery system software you can also let your delivery drivers know about cancellations so they are not wasting fuel on canceled deliveries. Using the delivery platform, you can work out the most fuel-efficient routes for their deliveries so they know exactly which routes they need to take from the moment they leave the depot.

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