The Amazing Benefits of Office 2019 Professional Plus

If you’re currently using any version of Microsoft Office, you should consider upgrading to Office 2019 Professional Plus. Office 2019 Professional Plus has many advantages over previous versions, including more powerful programs and support for the newest devices and operating systems on the market. With this upgrade, you can keep your Microsoft Office software up-to-date with all the new features and programs designed to enhance your business productivity and efficiency. Check out this article to learn more about why you should upgrade to Office 2019 Professional Plus today!


With so many different devices and browsers out there, Office was designed with accessibility in mind. Let’s look at how it’s helping professionals today! Microsoft has become known for accessibility in their products over the last few years; after all, it isn’t just a thing that nice companies do. Making your product accessible is actually required by law in many places. Although Microsoft Office is a complex program that can be intimidating for new users, there are plenty of tools within each application to make working with them easy, especially if you have any disabilities or limitations.


Office 365 is just fine. Really, it is. But if you aren’t required by law to use cloud services and/or prefer not using a subscription service, Microsoft office 2019 uk has you covered with an offline version that lets you work completely offline with all your documents and data stored locally. This way, should anything happen with your connection or Office account (like, say, it gets hacked), your info remains safe and sound. You can still connect to services like SharePoint for storing files as well as collaborate with others on projects—you just don’t have to use them exclusively.


We’ve seen that Office 365 is a better way to work. With features like Office Online and SharePoint, it’s easier than ever for teams of all sizes and geographies to work together—from any device they want. But you might still be using old versions of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. If so, your files are stuck in an earlier format that limits what can be done with them (that applies especially if you’re using really old versions). As of today, over 80% of companies use at least one non-supported version of Microsoft Office according to research. Support for those non-updated versions will end in early 2020.

Multilingual Experience

Office 2019 supports more than 60 languages. And that’s not all – Microsoft continues to add additional support for new languages with each new update of Office. It is therefore easier than ever before for people around the world to be productive using Office. We know customers value having a choice in which language they want when it comes to reading and writing text in Office applications, as well as seeing content displayed correctly for their locale. These benefits improve productivity, reduce cost, and increase trust when doing business across borders.

Productivity Tools

The word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations you know from Office are there but now with productivity tools like Researcher. Researcher allows users to do an advanced search for any document or piece of information that has been stored in your office 365 account or on your local computer. This helps you be more productive by finding all documents and information needed for a project in one place. Each product, Word, Excel, PowerPoint have all added significant value by adding productivity tools that increase efficiency and reduce clutter. As mentioned above each of these productivity tools focus on making it easier for each user to find what they need when they need it without interrupting their workflow.

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