The Amazing Health Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Juice

Sea Buckthorn Juice is indeed very expensive yet difficult to find these days, but if you read the benefits of Sea Buckthorn Juice or just Sea Buckthorn Berry health benefits you will not think again to pay such price. Sea buckthorn is a wild shrub found in Asia and Europe. Its official name is hippophae rhomboids. They are orangish-yellow color berries, rich in vitamin C. Its leaves, flowers and seeds are useful in medicinal purposes. 

sea buckthorn Juice

Extracting the pulpy juice right from the fruit is difficult and time consuming, one can always eat the fruit directly just by washing it with plain water. Instead you can just have its juice which will give you the goodness of a lot of berries in just one glass. This is why rishikul herbal has launched the new sea buckthorn juice. The juice is made from pure sea buckthorn pulp. In a ready to serve bottle or can be diluted with water if needed. It is safe for all age groups.

Sea buckthorn juice is very helpful in good heart health, diabetes, good skin texture. Being a good source of immunity booster it works well with the eye sight or dry eyes. It ensures a promising heart health. It will give you a good skin texture. Consuming its juice is a healthy habit and it typically shows you its benefits in a week. Yes, a week, the fruit only looks tiny but it has many benefits. Let us discuss about the health benefits of Sea Buckthorn Berries and its juice in detail:

  • It has 190 biologically active nutrients. Rich source of vitamins like A,B1,B2,C,D,E. These berries look small and you might think that how can these be packed with such amounts of goodness, but it is absolutely true and tested by scientists.
  • They are anti oxidant in nature, have beta carotene, folic acid and many other nutritional values. Doctors call it a whole package because of the goodness it has in it.
  • It has all the omegas. The sea buckthorn berries are rich in omega 3, omega 6, omega 7, and omega 9. Omega 3 which is found in fish and other sea food can be taken by vegetarians too through the sea buckthorn. The rarest of the rare omega 7 can be taken with sea buckthorn.
  • It is helpful in diabetes, diabetes is of 3 types: type I, II and gestational diabetes. Sea buckthorn helps in type II diabetes that doctors actually recommend consuming it and adding it to one’s diet.
  • It is good for the skin, ladies this one’s for you. As everyone wants to look younger, sea buckthorn being rich in vitamin C helps in making skin look younger and healthier. It gives you shine and skin appears brighter.
  • It is anti inflammatory in nature, got shocked right? Its size looks so small but that doesn’t justify the size of goodness it has packed.
  • You can have them as dry fruits for garnishing your desserts. It has a distinctive citrus raisin like taste and looks as well as tastes very good.

Above are some amazing health benefits of sea buckthorn juice and berries. Other than these there can be proven benefits as huge as anti cancer and anti tumor properties. However, only drinking sea buckthorn juice will not save you from cancer or tumor. The sea buckthorn juice will aid the sickness and rather make your system strong to fight against the disease. One is advised to follow good physical exercise, have a strict diet plan and add sea buckthorn juice to their diet in order to avoid such diseases. There are no such side effects of sea buckthorn but if some people are allergic to citrus or are intolerant to certain things they should always consult a physician before consuming the product or juice or fruit. 

You can purchase Sea buckthorn juice from any pharmaceutical but the purity becomes questionable, as you see the ingredients you will see the juice is 17% and rest is preservatives and sugar syrup. Or it is sometimes sold as a squash flavor which is further diluted with water and served like a drink. The diluted juice becomes deficient in nutrition and shows no such results as much as the original sea buckthorn juice would have shown. That is why Rishikul herbal has launched the new sea buckthorn juice which is made from 99% sea buckthorn pulp. It has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, and has permitted preservatives. Hence it is safe for diabetic patients too. 

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It promotes heart health, helps in diabetes, psoriasis, and maintains good skin texture. It acts as a natural immunity booster and it improves eyesight or dry eyes. One can drink 5-10 ml twice or thrice a day as a medicine or tonic. It is advised to consume the pack within 4 weeks of opening and avoid oxidation so refrigerate after opening. Can be mixed with water in accordance with taste.  

Rishikul Herbal is certified by ISO, GMP, AYUSH and halal, hence our products are best in class and serve the root cause. The sea buckthorn juice is tried and tested and tested in labs by experienced scientists. We strive for quality and precision and the same is reflected in our products. We hope you’d love our products as much as we love preparing them. 

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