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Xiao Ma coach does not forget the United States championship, defeated the patriot

History will record this year’s Melan Championship as a game that gave birth to “ventilation” incident. But in this controversy, the competition itself & mdash; & mdash; Indianapolis horses defeated the final super bowl champion New England Patriots & mdash; & mdash;, no one remembers.

2019 and 2020 election list announced

Recently, NFL announced click the next web site final candidate list for 2019, 2020 draft. According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, candidate cities include Canton, Kansas City, Tennessee, Denver and Las Vegas.

Texas people defensive ends J.J. Watt season reimbursement

On Sunday, US Time Sunday, the Dezhou people launched the game shortly after the game, Multi-part report confirmed the defensive end J.J. Wat (J. J. Watt) chest muscles, will be reimbursed.

Watt wrote: “The game can be beautiful, but it will be cruel. It can’t finish the season with my teammates, giving the fans, it is sad. I really love football, I can’t stand it. Let you down, thank you all your people’s blessings. “

In the four consecutive confrontations from the two teams since the quarter from the quarter cheap jerseys from china the 4th 卫 卫 拉克 (Andrew Luck), the two teams, including the two times of the playoffs & mdash; & mdash; patriot paid for the score of the squad is 189-73 . You may not need more reasons to understand why Pony has not contracted the Contliction of Pagano during this year.

Celebrity Tang Run Sanders: Running Wavpary has the potential to achieve the best level in history

Beijing August 28th, the New York Giants ran to Saquen Barkley Excellent in the rookie season, which made him get him Run Run Run, Sanders, Sanders, the famous Trille Lion. s concern.

Watt has elected the best defensive players in Watt, which is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the Dezhou people’s defensive group. At present, Watt completed 4 kills, ranking 2nd, but he completed 20 quarter-shock hits this week, ranked first.

Adams Di Dadai sent Philadelphia at home, the packaging work ended four-game

Beijing time November 29, Tuesday morning at 9:30, the Green Bay packaging team made a guest of the Linke Financial Stadium, and launched a Monday night game with the Philadelphia Eagle. The two national bodies have been played in the 2014 season, and the package is at 53:20 at that time. The eagle has a volvence, although they have achieved 4 wins and 0 losses at home, but they are currently 5 wins 5 wins due to bad away. In contrast, the packaging team has just encountered a wave of four-winning defeat. At present, there are 4 wins and 6 losses. It is more than 4 losses when fighting, considering the perfect home record of the eagle, this game is not optimistic.

“There is no excuse,” Pagano said. “We were awkward. This is the case. There is nothing to say. No one can forget that day, forget the ultimate score. It is like our arterial bleeding but can’t stop bleeding. You will never forget this competition.”

“There are many players (only) the new show season performance is very good, but he seems to have one of the potential to meet the best level of history,” Sanders said to the New York Media. “I think he is eager to succeed, and it is very important to really let the giants return to the past.”

Tom-Braddy lost super bowls of jersey have been found

NFL issued a statement on Monday to confirm once a jointly carried out by the Alliance, the New England Patrioper Security Team and FBI, found the 51st Super Bowl of Tom Brady, theft of Tom Brady.

Breddy is very happy to have a rush. “I am very pleased that I was retrieved in the 49th and 51th Super Bowl, I would like to thank all relevant law enforcement agencies,” Braddy said in the statement. “I know that they are very hard in this matter & mdash; & mdash; I am very grateful to them. I hope that when I get back the jersey, I can get some very positive things from this experience.”

Although the Bakley career has achieved a good start, Sanders believes that the second grade season is quite key. “I think he should be full of power as before and before, he knows the success of last year, knowing that the opponent will work hard to block him, in the next season, his day may be more difficult,” Sanders said. “Of course, this year will tell us how he will become a player.”

Among the candidates, four cities have an NFL team, Canton is the location of the professional football Hall. Although Las Vegas currently has no team, Auckland raids have been scheduled to be relocated in the 2020 season.

The jersey is obviously an indispensable part of NFL culture. Patriots Super Bowl for the greatest reversal in the history of this session of the Super Bowl, Brady 62 43 successful passes made 466 yards two touchdowns. This is the 4th time of Braddy to get the most valuable player in the 4th time, and it is also his 5th champion.

Sanders hopes that Bakley can have more opportunities to enter the playoffs and the quarter-off position will be more stable. “I hope he should not be unfortunately, you have to worry about 16 or 17,” Sanders said with a smile. “I hope he will not have such experience. I hope that they can remain stable in the four-point guard. I think many people (for giants) are highly expected. They selected four points. You may think they will become in the future. Combination of powerful combination. “

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