The Answer Might Surprise You: When Is The Best Time To Install Solar Panels?


Solar power has become an increasingly popular alternative energy source in recent years, as the cost of solar panels and installation has plummeted in recent years. With solar Central Coast panels being able to generate electricity without requiring any fuel or upkeep, it’s easy to see why they are such an attractive investment opportunity; however, there’s still some confusion about the best time to install solar panels on your home or business in order to maximize savings and the amount of electricity generated each day. We’ve put together this handy guide to answer all your questions about when is the best time to install solar panels!


Many people might assume that the best time to install solar panels would be during summertime, when the sun shines the brightest. In reality, though, it’s actually winter that offers the best opportunity for installing solar panels. During these months, sunlight falls on a home at a more direct angle than in other seasons. The lack of leaves on the trees in winter means that there are fewer obstacles between your roof and the sun–which means more energy will go into your system and less into heating up your home or reflecting off the trees and back out into space.

Why Setting Up Your Home Solar System In The Winter?

If you’re considering installing solar panels for your home, winter is the time to do it. Why? During this season there are fewer shadows in your yard that could obstruct a panel from capturing sunlight, and the sun’s angle is lower in the sky. In addition, property values tend to drop in colder months so installing solar panels Central Coast during winter can increase the value of your property!

Faster Solar Panel Installation

In winter, solar panel installation can be much faster due to the lack of heat. In summer, solar panels need a lot more time because they’ll have to deal with heat. They can get too hot if you don’t install them correctly and that will cause problems later on. This means in some ways you’re better off installing your solar panels in the winter.

Save Your Money Now!

The solar energy industry has been growing steadily over the past decade, and this growth will continue for many more years. However, there are several reasons why now might be a good time to invest in commercial solar Central Coast. First of all, while they may seem expensive at first glance, they will ultimately save you money in the long run by making your home or business more energy efficient. Secondly, tax credits are available for those who install solar panels on their property.

The Bottom Line

Installing solar panels is a great way to take an active role in combating climate change and reducing your environmental footprint. The best time of year to install solar panels, however, might not be when you think. Winter is the ideal times of year for installation because the sun doesn’t provide as much power as it does during winter.

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