The Aquila School – A New Way Of Thinking About Teaching And Learning In Primary School

Regardless of where they live, a good majority of the parents are on the lookout now to find the right school to give them the best opportunities in life. Besides, enrolling your children in the best British curriculum primary schools in Dubai is where it all begins!

However, for those who are uprooting their lives to relocate to another country, the choice of selecting schools can become more challenging.

Fortunately, this is where Aquila School comes into play. Not only is this school home to over 800 students, but they also receive the best of education, thanks to their well-structured British curriculum.

So, if you are interested to know what this primary school in Dubai can do for your child, make sure to read this post to the end!

Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child Into The Aquila School

#1 You Can Get Top-Level Education

One of the most significant benefits of enrolling your child on this primary school British curriculum is that your child will have access to a well-structured academic curriculum. And unlike the other schools and their curriculum, this focuses on teaching students with a problem-solving approach and an inquiry-based learning method. 

However, this curriculum is also relevant, enjoyable and engaging for the children.

#2 You Can Get All-Round Education

Not only does this school have an incredible curriculum prepped for its students, but it has also received an excellent “Oustanding” rating by the BSO (British School Overseas) during their assessment.

#3 The Students Will Be Highly-Skilled Teachers

Yet another notable feature about this school is that their teachers are all native yet professional English speakers. In fact, these teachers also carry plenty of UK teaching qualifications and several years of teaching experience!

Needless to say, your child will learn from nothing but the best in this school.

 #4 Your Child’s Safety, Happiness And Overall Well-Being Is Looked After

One of the significant forefronts about this school is that they aim to prioritize their students’ safety, happiness and well-being over everything else. 

By giving them an enjoyable yet safe environment, many parents have felt safe and secure within this all-inclusive school community. 

#5 You Get High-Quality Facilities For Extra-Curricular Activities 

At The Aquila School, development is not just limited to academic growth; but instead, they aim to focus on their all-around development, including sports and other exciting activities. 

This is why they have built multi-purpose sports halls, an auditorium, swimming pools, science labs, a dance studio, music and art rooms, design technology rooms, a multi-purpose Astro pitch, and shaded outdoor play areas for the children!

This way, your child will be able to touch the stars in no time.

What About Covid And Safety Rules?

As more and more schools are starting to re-open, it is only expected for the parents to be concerned about the health and safety of their children.

This is why this British primary school Dubai has maintained and followed all the health and safety protocols. And the best part is that these measures are followed throughout the entire school. 

In addition to this, the local regulator in the area has also set down a few school re-opening guidelines, which the school follows down to the T! Listed below are those guidelines:

  • Thermal screening cameras and checking on all four entrances of the campus.
  • A wide range of floor and sign markings and their mascot, the Aquila Parrot, constantly reminds the students to follow general safety rules, wash their hands, keep a safe distance, and more!
  • And increased capacity of cleaning throughout the school campus.
  • Successful installation of perspex shields in common school areas like the classrooms, reception, and finance offices.
  • Strict rules about social distancing in sports, masks, hand sanitisers, and more.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, the Aquila School is one of high eminence and excellence. Moreover, the school aims to give students several opportunities to learn, thrive and survive in the world. 

And the best part is that this school focuses on developing nurturing qualities like tolerance, self-confidence, adaptability and resilience. They will be equipped to succeed in today’s competitive world with these qualities!

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