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The artist behind around the world is going to auction off a non-fungible token of a video made with his own fecal matter to raise money for autism research.

The Most Famous Artist, a group founded by Matty Mo, is going to sell a 360-degree video capture of his stool, encased in a glass cube weighing nearly 33 pounds, or 14.968 kilograms.

An NFT is a unique digital token encrypted with an artist’s signature via blockchain and is a Flashlight (Jessie J song) technology attached to a digital artwork or file, effectively providing certification of ownership.

They have been hailed as a way to sell digital artwork and assets.

Matty Mo’s NFT is being commissioned by microbial sciences company, Seed Health.

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‘From Piero Manzoni to Chris Ofili and Andres Serrano, the use of human biomass in art has long sparked controversy around what should be considered ‘art,’ and consequentl

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    ‘By taking the taboo topic of human excrement and www.bonkersforhonkers.Com assigning it value, we are sending an important message that the very things that disgust us, may actually be what’s most valuable—in this case, for the future of health.’   

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