The Aviation Industry’s Global Influence

The aviation industry is a significant contributor to the economies of every country in the world. Air travel and transport have made today’s global economy possible, as accessibility enables regions and cultures to be increasingly interconnected and interdependent. Essentially the world is now a smaller place thanks, in part, to the aviation industry.


The aviation industry operates with an important internal support network and, primarily, this extensive network consists of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) at all levels. GSE encompasses allservices provided and equipment used from the moment an aircraft touches the runway to the time the aircraft takes off again. FBOs (fixed base operators) and MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) are aviation entities which make use of all types and sizes of GSE. From an aircraft tow tractor and power supply machine to aircraft pushback and fueling and lavatory services, everything falls under GSE umbrella. It is simply impossible for aviation to operate efficiently and successfully without a comprehensive GSE strategy.

Depending on exactly what is needed, orders for new GSE and GPU (Ground Power Units) can be very cost-prohibitive, particularly for small and mid-range operations. In these instances, select suppliers present options for purchasing used or refurbished equipment, renting and leasing and third-party contracts.

AERO Specialties is an industry-leader and proud of the work it does to provide complete solutions to operations across the globe.Aircraft manufacturers, FBOs, MROs, militaries and commercial airlines trust AERO Specialties for the world’s finest selection of GSE products and world-class support.

About AERO Specialties:

AERO Specialties is a trusted provider of aircraft and airport GSE solutions. From an aircraft ground power unit to top-of-the-line Eagle tugs and tow tractors, AERO Specialties supplies the widest range of GSE on the market.

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