The background could be fancy cushions, it may be piles of skulls

“It is the 2D to 3D world translation,” Rod Fergusson, Executive Producer on Diablo II: Resurrected adds. “When you’ve got a sprite-based 2D world it’s a flat thing on a flat thing. And now you’ve got stairs with elevation, you have undulating ground that a sword has to Diablo 2 Items fall onto. Even simple things like readability turned into a challenge, such as a Paladin’s Aura. The way that you’re able to see the Aura very clearly tells you you have that specific Aura. Imagine if you are walking into a grassy area as well as the air has been obstructed by grass because that’s 3D now and it is physically on the ground and growing up through the Aura. And there’s clarity in Diablo II’s 2D world.”

“The background could be fancy cushions, it may be piles of skulls, it could be sand dunes, but it is actually just a flat image,” Rob Gallerani clarifies. “When you fall a sword, that’s a 2D sprite. It’s just a flat sprite and it sits on the top and you will see it. As soon as we have a 3D sword resting on 3D skulls and bumpy things, we can not only get it done there since it would clip through all those things. So we need to make sure it leaves on a pass that’s in addition to those things. There is a lot of loose ends that all need to get accounted for if you are bringing a 2D sprite to a 3D world.”

And it’s that aspect, acquiring the 2D world push the 3D layer that ensures that the team preserves the game as is. Even with adding an outstanding visual makeover, controller support, and a modern widescreen presentation that supports 4K TVs and ultrawide PC monitors, it is the exact same Diablo II that it has ever been.

“Everything is being positionally driven, data shrewd, or otherwise by that Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items exact same 25 frames-per-second-logic cycle,” Rob continues. “The simulation in addition to itfrom that, we can have an uncapped frame-rate for animation and other things. That is why it’s one-to-one, even though it’s really just one and you are getting to see that other layer at the top.”

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