The Batman: What Set Images Might be Hinting?

The Batman shooting location’s set images reveal a few significant hints about the movie’s plot and other details about DCEU’s cape crusader. Recently some of the new set images of DC upcoming movies are posted on social media. With Directing Matt Reeves, the film was initially a pre-planned sequel for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Ben Affleck was the initially selected actor for the dark knight detective.

But because of a critical as well as a business reaction for Batman v. Superman, they decided to reject Ben Affleck for the future solo projects, and this was quickly covered by the famous director Matt Reeves.

                    Source: The Batman: What Set Images Might be Hinting?

In May 2019, we heard the Earth breaking news that Reeves recruited Robert Pattinson for the future role of the Bruce Wayne in DCEU movies changing Ben Affleck and setting up the solo Batman movie on a totally new representation of the DC character. After that, a few more stars have been proclaimed for the significant roles- Jeffery Wright playing Paul Dano playing Riddler, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, and Colin Farrell as Penguin.

Some of the new set images dropped out at the beginning of January 2020 presented an appearance of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne as well as Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot, aka, Penguin. Further, the set images of The batman introduces Gotham City police and news broadcasting organizations in Gotham City. The first look of these images meant that it might be Bruce Wayne wearing civilian clothes presenting that he is maybe trying to look normal in public. The images further show other unverified stars in the film’s cast and indication to the storyline of the film that might make use of its plot from.

Gotham City Police and News Van

You can see a crowd of media units standing outside an area that is gated, and It is maybe a house or an essential structure of Gotham City. The photos also show Robert Pattinson’s Wayne on a bike with wearing civilian clothes; it possibly a scene of the movie in which Bruce Wayne is coming back to Gotham after a long time, possibly after his training. As per the current reports, the movie will not feature Batman’s origin, so this might a flashback scene displaying the feedback of Gotham on the return of their prince after a long from overseas.

Bruce Wayne on a Bike

the photos feature the first look of how Robert Pattinson would possibly appear as Bruce Wayne, as well as it looks really amazing since he is utterly suitable for the role of the caped crusader. His outfit is maybe a preplanned strategy used by Batman to look like a drifter or wanderer rather than being the richest guy of Gotham.

Bruce Wayne has appeared in the same kind of bike and outfit in the DC comics, so it is clear the movie is not making a non-comic story. The set pictures hint that Bruce, as Batman riding on a bike, might be in an intention to fight the Riddler after his return to the Gotham City. However, there is no clarification about whether the film will follow the DC comic point to point.

Oswald Cobblepot as Penguin

The photos also feature Oswald Cobblepot standing somewhere around Gotham’s news units, police, and Batman. Farrell, aka Penguin, is clearly visible in the set images with his silver hair and accurate comic umbrella, and The Penguin had been portrayed in the same way in DC comics numerous times. The Batman’s set pictures are proof that the film will be full of thriller for fans and it will be a completely new concept for the Batman solo movie.

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