The Benefits of a Portable Ultrasound Machine

When you think of ultrasound machines, do you still think get an image of a clunky, oversized machine that is heavy to move around and sometimes difficult to use? If you have outdated diagnostic equipment and you’re planning to buy new ones, then knowing your options will be a tremendous help. As you check out imaging equipment, you will encounter plenty of portable options. If you want to give this a try, then here are some of the best benefits that you can expect from the machine. 

Better Imaging Quality 

When you look at different models of portable ultrasound machines, you’ll find many options that allow you to get faster and more accurate images. That’s a definite improvement. With technological advances in portable technology, you won’t need to worry that you’re missing out on key features when you pick a portable imaging unit. You can count on getting equipment with the features you need, capable of providing the support that can improve the care levels you deliver to your patients. 

Plenty of Care Applications 

With those features in place, there are now a variety of care applications for which you can use your ultrasound machines. It can be used in emergency situations. Many anesthesiologists resort to ultrasound machines before surgery or ICU to check the trajectory of the injection, ensuring that the anesthetic hits the right nerve blocks. With a portable imaging machine, surgeons are able to ensure a more precise insertion of the needle. That means fewer attempts and bruises, which improves the quality of care for and comfort of the patients. 


If you have small healthcare facility and your staff share the imaging equipment, then it makes sense to get a portable option. That way, it’s easy to use from one doctor to another. Transferring the equipment from one room to another or from one patient to the next is much easier. Portable options are lightweight, too, making it safer for you and your staff to handle. Huge imaging machines are heavy and when you transfer it from one room to the next, it could take up a lot of time, not to mention that it is harder to manage. If it trips over, the unit could be damaged forever. Lightweight solutions, on the other hand, are easier handle, so you prevent those problems. 

Patient Comfort

Diagnostic tools and images often help establish your credibility. A patient who sees that your staff uses the proper equipment, has accurate imaging solutions, are more likely to trust your judgment. It’s not easy for patients to put their trust in doctors. Having the right tools handy will help you build that with your patients. 

Affordable Options 

The best thing about portable options is that many of these are available with an affordable price tag. They’re less expensive than bulky imaging equipment. But that doesn’t mean that you’re compromising on features. With plenty of imaging equipment that’s well within your budget, you won’t have to worry about settling for anything less. You could also go with refurbished options or even second-hand machines for even better cost-savings.

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