The Benefits of an Idaho Solar Power System—Besides Saving You Money

The economic benefits of Idaho solar power pretty much speak for themselves. With the available tax incentives, rebates, and credits, and more efficient production methods, solar energy is more affordable than ever. Installing solar means savings month after month on your power bill. However, a more solar Boise, a more solar Idaho, and a more solar world, comes with a set of benefits beyond the financial for us both individually and collectively.

11More Energy Independence

At first, when solar was less efficient and affordable than it is now, one of the chief benefits it offered was electricity to those off the power grid. That meant virtually exclusively homeowners in very rural areas. Since then, increasing fossil fuel prices, and a better understanding of the consequences of their use, have been changing the urban and suburban energy dynamic. People recognize the benefits of solar as an alternative or supplementary power source. A power source to save money on rising power bills, and one that keeps the lights on when grid power goes down.

You’re Helping the Planet

Burning fossil fuels contributes to the dire challenge of climate change, which we are all facing collectively. The ramifications of carbon emissions and greenhouse gas production are no longer abstract concerns. Ensuring that our planet is a healthier place for everything living on it is certainly a noble aspiration in its own right. However, this is also an issue of basic pragmatism. The less healthy the planet is, the less healthy (and happy) the living situation is for everything on it, including us. That’s why every Treasure Valley, Panhandle, or Twin Falls solar adopter is doing everyone a favor by making our planet just a little bit better (while saving money).

Your Property Value Increases

There are other, less direct financial benefits to installing a photovoltaic (PV) solar system on your property. For instance, installing a PV solar power system for your home is very likely to increase your property value. The many benefits of solar have not gone unnoticed, which translates into a greater value. So not only will those solar power panels be saving you money on your power bill each month, they’ll likely be adding money to the value of your property.

Higher Solar Panel Efficiency, Lower Cost

Among the win-win features of solar energy installation is the fact that the efficiency of solar panels has increased exponentially while the price has fallen significantly. In fact, it’s estimated that in the last decade alone, the energy production capacity of solar cells has tripled while the prices are around 75% lower. And those are just a few of the benefits of solar power.

About EvenGreen Technology

In their nine years serving Idaho, EvenGreen Technology (EGT Solar) has become Idaho’s largest single provider of solar power systems by installation volume. The level of success EvenGreen Technology has earned stems from a commitment to ensuring that every one of their clients has the education and knowledge necessary for making informed decisions regarding their energy strategy. Headquartered in Meridian, EvenGreen Technology strives to build a greener, cleaner, more solar Meridian and Treasure Valley, more solar Twin Falls and Magic Valley, and a more solar Idaho. It’s a commitment that has landed EvenGreen Technology on the prestigious Solar Power World Top 500 Solar Contractor list four years in a row.

Make sure that Idaho stays clean, green, and incomparably beautiful, while saving money, by choosing solar with EvenGreen Technology, at

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