The benefits of including Goa with your 5 Days Golden Triangle Tour

A 5 Days Golden Triangle Tour is one of the most popular holiday trips for Indians and tourists from all across the world.

However, with the sporting culture impacting your youths, many people merge a golden triangle tour with Goa tour packages. Well, Goa is a haven of beach destinations and its inclusion in the itinerary just adds to the experience.

Goa has that type of beauty which is beyond normal description. Only your eyes can acknowledge the real beauty of the place, if the accounts of the past visitors are to be believed. However, there are two sides of a coin and this inclusion has both benefits and drawbacks. A deeper delves into the Goa tour packages unveils the following:

More versatile experience: Vacationing is all about experiences. The more experience you accumulate, the better will be for you. You never know if you will be out on a vacation of such a dimension soon. And you never know if you will ever get the chance to pay a visit to the beautiful beaches of Goa. So, the inclusion of the seaside destination in your 5 Days Golden Triangle Tour does appear to be justified and have some benefits.

Less time to spend in the North- However on the downside, addition of Goa will restrict the days reserved for the golden triangle tour of Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. This loss may hurt those that love to visit more and more attractions of the north. Honestly speaking, while Agra can be covered in a single day, the complete sightseeing of Delhi and Jaipur needs you to devote more days. Well, it is a toss between the two choices. Would you want to make the trip more leisurely or would you prefer to travel more and stay less? One solution to get the best of both will be to ask your tour operator to make personalized India tour packages for you to add length to your itinerary.

Expensive- Goa is not an inexpensive destination although you get hotels of all ranges. But it is undeniable that your budget with be stretched a bit if you want to include the best seaside destination of the country.

Not suggested if you don’t love beaches: If you don’t love beaches, Goa might just appear like an extra burden. Hence, it makes little sense to include it in your golden triangle tour plans. However, it makes complete sense if you have an affinity from the sand and the sea.

Strongly suggested for photography and sports lovers- Goa is more photogenic than it is made out to be. Other than its beaches, the old cathedrals make it an enticing affair. Moreover, if you are an extrovert and want to test the charms of snorkeling, scuba diving or paragliding, Goa is the place to go.

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