The Benefits Of Installing Your Own Toilet

The toilet in a typical home bathroom is a fixture that performs a vital function. The importance of a fully operational toilet that performs well normally leaves homeowners with the thought that it must be installed by a professional. The reality is that most of the more complex plumbing components of a toilet are located inside of the prefabricated unit. The actual process of purchasing and installed a toilet is very simple and can be done in less than an hour in most homes. It does not require any special plumbing knowledge and only a few basic tools. Homeowners will find several benefits when installing their own toilets.

Install The Toilet When Needed

Contractors and other professionals who offer to install bathroom fixtures often work on schedules that might be inconvenient. Installing a toilet without a contractor means that the fixture can be put into place whenever it is convenient. The toilet can be installed in less than an hour during a larger remodeling job. It can also be put into the bathroom as a placeholder and then hooked up gradually as time allows. This can make a do-it-yourself remodeling job much easier and better organized.

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If a homeowner chooses to install a toilet themselves, then nearly every aspect of the placement and plumbing can be customized. There are situations where contractors are only familiar with certain brands or will only install a unit in a particular way. Homeowners who are performing the task have the option to place the toilet in any position, to make custom fittings and to even include options like handrails without complicating matters unnecessarily. Someone with just a little knowledge of home improvement can even customize the toilet itself with water-saving internal components or handles that better match the decor of the room.

Save Money

A homeowner who takes on the task of installing a toilet will normally save money over a professional installation. Contractors can charge by the hour and will want extra money for supplies and moving the unit up a flight of stairs. The cost for extra parts such as a new wax ring or washers for screws are frequently inflated to account for the inconvenience that the plumber experiences. Installation at home does not cost anything for the time of the homeowner. Additionally, extra parts that are needed can be purchased inexpensively from nearby sources.

Maintenance Is Easier

A large benefit that comes from a do-it-yourself toilet installation is that every part of the toilet that connects to the main plumbing of the home will be understood. This means that repairs or renovations at a later date can be done very easily. The knowledge that is gained from the installation will also make it much easier to diagnose any problems that might occur.


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